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    What is your Quoting Method, and who uses an "automated" Quoting tool like Digifabster?

    +1 on knowing your customer. Margins will vary based on the customer and not always because of the PIA factor.
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    There was no argument. The guy flipped out over a simple question as to how something broke. He apologized the next day and I left it at that. In the past few years I have realized that I can't keep going on by being a slave to my business. I realized that I needed employees who would be with...
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    Thanks for the wise words. I'll pick up a copy of that book. Can you share some of the techniques you use when working on behavioral issues?
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    You've articulated exactly what I've had in my head for the longest time. Just 4 simple things to go by and yet so powerful. Thanks for sharing that. I'm going to implement it in my shop!!
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    Thanks to all for your valuable input! As of this morning my employee came in and first thing he did was apologize for his behavior yesterday. He acknowledged that the behavior is uncalled for. I also expressed my behavioral expectations in the work place and how that sort of negative behavior...
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    I understand what you're saying and it's too bad management didn't realize your eagerness to learn. I'm always willing to teach a guy who wants to learn and I always tell employees that I'm there to answer their questions.
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    Good employee with bad attitude - need some sage advice

    My shop consists of myself and one employee. He's been working here for 3 years and he's been extensively trained over time and I consider him the best and most valuable employee I've ever had. He produces and contributes greatly to the shop output. But here's the rub... He's a moody guy and...
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    Yaskawa spindle drive power issue

    Consider getting the power supply refurbished. I have a 1990 machine with a Mitsubishi spindle drive paired to a Yaskawa motion pack and drives. Spindle would randomly shoot to full speed. In my case there was a power supply that powered all the drives. It was not outputting correct voltage and...
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    Citizen Cincom L20, second spindle leaving marks on workpiece

    I occasionally have this problem on smaller shorter parts especially if it's a soft material like aluminum or has a thin wall. In the case that you choose not to go with options already presented such as softer collet material etc..I can offer you this... 1) Lightly debur all edges of the...
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    Poor Aluminum quality

    I've run plenty of 7/8 dia 2024 T351 Ye Fong in the past. Was very good material. Just as good as Kaiser or Alcoa.
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    Citizen Swiss Machines

    Been there done that.. Your OD is expanding during drilling and or tapping. The material OD binds in the bushing when you suck the material back. Quick and easy fix is to turn the od down a little so that any OD expansion will not affect the bushing and then perform your drilling and tapping...
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    Bad new neighbor..options?

    I've done the patient waiting game with numerous neighbors over the years and it works. Better than creating conflict, let alone the tables turning and they start complaining about you and giving you additional grief. These types of guys typically only last a few years at best and then they're...
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    Any Google Voice or Dialpad Users out there - recommendations appreciated

    I've been researching simple phone setups that would give me the ability to have an auto attendant and dial by name directory. Currently using landline with basic answering machine and doing the whole call screening thing. So far Google Voice and Dialpad seem like good options and was hoping...
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    Bad new neighbor..options?

    I think you hit the nail on the head. Not a whole lot to do but just deal with it. Maybe you can befriend the guy and get yourself free access to his gym.
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    Swiss and Magical Guide Bushings

    I haven't used a magic guide bush so can't speak to it's effectiveness. But I can tell you in the past 15 years I've been able to easily get by with the standard adjustable bushing on Citizens and Tsugamis and never considered the purchase of such a thing. Mostly running cold finished material...