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    New old machine, Deckel G1L

    How do you do the graduations? Do you have a master rule at a temple?
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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    Also the Pantograph arrived yesterday and it turns out I have a 2B and a 2C. Although similar the 2C is a larger capacity machine with different castings but still a 2D machine. The Gorton grinder needs a 1/4 x24.4” vee belt, no idea where to find that in Australia so I might try some 5mm...
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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    Yes I found that manual for the grinder on the Gorton site. I wonder if it is easier to follow if you already know what your doing hahaha
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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    I got a notification there was a post added to this thread but I can only see my original post???
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    literature about pantograph engraver operation

    Did you ever find the info you were after? I’m getting my first Pantograph tomorrow.
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    Alexander Pantographs & Gorton Dbit Grinder

    Hi guys, I’m looking for any info on Alexander 2B & 20B Pantographs and also a Gorton 265-5 Dbit Grinder (single lip grinder. I’m having trouble finding info specific to these exact machines/models difficult. The Pantographs should be arriving in my shop tomorrow and i’m Currently cleaning up...
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    Help identifying Small benchtop horizontal mill

    What do you need photos of? I did refurbish my machine and it’s up & running. I have seen several of the same machine since they also came with a base and cast iron motor tension arm.
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    How do you measure antique Calipers ?

    By the maximum size they can measure.
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    Mini Drill press

    It’s a horological machine, ask your local watchmakers society. Worth big bucks usually.
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    Turning vs. Spinning

    The voice overs are so annoying....... I have no idea why but it irritates me when I hear turning referred to as spinning. I think it may be an an american thing but spinning and turning are as shown in the video to me.
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    LOCK. Shaper

    The Lock Tool Co. you may be familiar with their lathe tool holders, that where I knew them from. I have been offered the opportunity to buy a basket case shaper by said company. I have two photos and it is literally in,pieces and part on a pallet and could be missing a lot of parts. It’s a...
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    Lock tool company shaper on eBay

    Did you ever find any info on the Lock Shaper? Any photos of the finished resto?
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    Die filer files

    I have a die filler but no files. Can we see some photos of the actual files please.