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    OT: Looking for a new company truck.

    Techguy- It would be helpful to know more about what you want to do with the truck that just "haul metal". Are you moving big loads everyday? Do you drive a lot of highway miles? etc. etc. That being said, I bought a new 2013 Ford F-150 XLT with the 5.0L V8, Supercab, 8' box and the tow/haul...
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    Cincinnati 2MI Knocking sound

    It's only going to get worse, so the question may be: does it work now? How do you plan to use the machine? Production or a hobby mill? The answers to these questions may help you make a decision as to what the best course of action may be. We have a 2MI Vertical Head machine at the shop, and I...
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    Neighbor is trying to buy my unit and pay to move me - actual costs?

    Don't know your area (or your interest), but you could build a pretty sweet 5,000 sq/ft building for $350K Maybe it's an option, maybe it's not. ECJ
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    Wilton Bench Vise Swivel Mod

    We have at least one vise of that size mounted on a post (which is bolted to a concrete floor), and that post is 4" in diameter with a 1/4" wall and it still moves. That 2 1/2" tube is woefully undersized for a vise of that size and quality. No amount of concrete, mortar or rubber is going to...
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    What were the best investments you made for your shop?

    We upgraded to a 25HP screw compressor last year, and it is a fantastic feeling to not hear the noise of the old recip, and to always have whatever air you need on hand. Everything can run at once, full out. ECJ
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    Wanted : McMaster catalog

    I've probably got 2 or 3 recent ones I'd be happy to donate to the cause. If anybody needs one, PM me your address(es), and I'll send them along via UPS...... ECJ
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    Kaeser Compressors for Intermittent Use

    I have a 25hp Kaeser rotary screw I installed in the shop last year and absolutely love it. Fantastic piece of machinery. I've got 10 guys in about 10K sq' of fab and machine shop, and also had some concerns about not running this machine full bore, and so had also looked at variable speed screw...
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    Chip vacuums?

    sfriedberg- Thanks for the response. We do have a 25HP screw compressor supplying air to the facility, so at least that shouldn't be an issue. I do my best to run a clean shop, and am finding that the older I get the cleaner I want it, so this is one of my reasons for looking at chip vacs...
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    Chip vacuums?

    Anybody using chip vacuums? If so, do they work well? We are a manual machine/fab shop with 5 mills, a couple of lathes and a few drill presses. Sometimes we cut dry, and sometimes we machine with coolant. Was looking at something like this: Exair Chip Vac System, 55 gal. 6193 | Zoro.com...
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    NYC area custom architectural fab shop seeking manual machinist

    MANUAL MACHINIST Metal fabrication shop specializing in custom residential and commercial architectural metal work, hardware, lighting and furniture seeks skilled machinist for full-time work in a busy and varied shop environment. JOB DESCRIPTION Under minimal supervision, sets up and operates...
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    OT- Does anyone make a stainless steel paint that actually looks like SS ?

    Eastwood makes a chrome paint: Almost Chrome Aerosol Paint Can't vouch for the quality, as we don't run it. They might also make a stainless one. ECJ
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    OT..Cold weather pet shelters

    Brent- I think it's more about insulating the box than the bulb. My grandfather was a well known hunting dog trainer in Omaha, Nebraska, and at any given time, he would have many dogs, none of which were ever kept in the house (unless they were puppies, or sick). He built these sheet metal dog...
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    Freeing seized Miter Table on Cold Saw

    + 1 on the Kroil. I've had assemblies on machine rebuilds that I diligently soaked daily with the stuff for as long as a couple of weeks before getting any movement......patience can be key. ECJ
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    My first day as Owner. What was the first thing you did after becoming the owner?

    Sounds like you're going to need to hire another guy in the near future with your father no longer working in the shop. Even though you are planning on subbing work out to him, now would be a good time to look to the future organizational structure of the shop. Maybe set some 1, 2 and 5 year...
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    Bridgeport is listing

    Agreed. We have 5 manual mills, and none of them have even been leveled. ECJ