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  • Hi Erik, sometime back you posted a question about the Emco Maximat11 and the Weiler Primus, in which you said you had the Weiler milling attachment that was not being used, do you still have it, are you perhaps looking to sell it?
    thanks Brent
    hi Erik, thanks for the response, if you ever decide to let the darwbar go for the Matador please let me know, I have a Matador, collets but no drawbar. hope this does not take another year... LOL
    Hi Eric, are you perhaps looking for a set of regular collets for your Weiler, do you have a draw bar? I have a set of collets that I am selling if you are interested. I do not know the Primus well but the collets seem standard. I have a Matator and a 330 VS and the collets fit both. Let me know perhaps we can work something out.
    [email protected]

    Sorry for answering so late, but I have not been checking my inbox ...

    Just wanted to say: Thanks !!!!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Martin Bachmann
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