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  • Hi ErnieD,

    Sorry its taken so long to reply to you, I'm just learning all the ways to use the sight.I just noticed that you had sent me a message.
    To answer your question I worked at Federal Drop Forge in Lansing,Michigan in 1979-80,as a trimmer die maker apprentice. I also worked at Clark Equipment Co. (the fourth generation in my family) where they had a old steam hammer operation along with board hammers. I was not lucky enough to work at the hammer shop at Clarks but that was the plan and the reason for going to Federal. Its a long story "best laid plans of mice and men".
    Where did you work? Fill me in. The best part about working in a hammer shop was there "wern't no kids workin there" you were working with men, not like so much of what factory life has come to now. The place I work at now is more less an adult daycare facility. Sorry, got rambling there.
    Send a message would be interesting to hear about where you were at, what you made there.

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