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    Is the engine still available?
    How much would it cost to send it to McAllen TX.
    What is its weight? Approximately
    Hello , u helped me before with dynapath control . I need to load G code but need some tips . The control is not letting it load from computer . Thank u
    Talked to someone who fixes the scratches & dings on their equipment & vehicles yesterday & asked what Dick was going to do. The reply was he went back home (south east) but had already begun scrapping things & had taken trailer loads to the scrapper... That's just one source mind you, but there is no doubt that Dick somewhat blames his daughter in law for all this. Takes a lot of hate to turn all that to razerblades though... Color me pissed or depressed...

    Gonna travel to Arcola to see some RR folks today & will be traveling back through about mid afternoon. Call or text 309-368-8445 & I'll stop by unless something blows up.

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