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  • I'm using this machine for the first time and I don't know what the problem is. Any help is welcome.
    And if anyone has electrical drawings of this type of machine or information on where I can find/buy it, I would be very grateful
    A few days ago I received a cnc cincinnati milacron HAWK250 for which I do not have electrical drawings.
    We connected the machine to electricity, the system started up, the control turned on without a single error.
    The hydraulic pump does not turn on when I press the ignition button.
    the .stl seems to be ok. and by the m107, are you refering to the barret m82a1a? the 107 is the mils new designation. and there is 2 or 3 differant models on there but I havnt checked them out yet.
    tht link you posted for the m2 is it a proper solid model and wil solidworks open tht file type i dont see any extenstions for solidworks. im actually lookin for a working model of the big fifty m107. if u seen any of thes on ur travells u might give me a shout.
    any help would be great thanks g
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