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    As to a possible over travel, the Z axis shouldn't be locked when powered down, with the machines I have you can grab the ball screw and move the axis. With the X axis there is most likely an electric break which will not be energized to release until the hydraulics/servos are on to support the axis from falling. The break/servo is operated by a specific voltage. My cincinnati is 24 volt DC, and I know the specific terminal on my machine that when given the voltage it releases the break(*Make sure that you have blocks under the turret is you try this, and only do this before the stand by switch is pressed*). On mine I know the lugs that supply the 24 volts so it is an easy thing to do. I even have used a 4 pcs. 6 volt batteries in series to supply the break to release.

    Not sure if this helps. Worst case "State Machine" out of ????Illinois was a big hitachi sales repair machine dealer. I also know a independent repair guy out of WI that has a lot of time on hitachi's.
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    I don't remember the alarm I had, however the only time that remotely resembles this a cooling fan was on it's last leg. If the machine would power up and however the fan was diagnosed in the start/power up sequence: If the fan didn't alarm out the control you could run it night and day every day, however if you powered down the control it might not power up properly before you would press the stand by button which starts the hydraulics.

    That info being said, and I don't have much diagnosing/repair work very indepth. Somewhere in the ladders something is stopping the sequence. If you had access to a fluent hitachi tech he would probably take 5 minutes to find the first hang up and work thru the batch of permisive circuits that need to be problem free before it gets to the stand by button starting the hydraulic side.

    To me the 310 alarm is just another permissive that won't work until the 280 is figured out, and operational. Wish I could be more help with this.
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    Gamy R.
    Rosie is a nickname via my last name of Rosenthal. I know that it is a common mistake to think I'm female. Some times I wish I was, things might be easier. That aside, I ran a ~2001 Hitachi 20J, and I have a touch of knowlege on the Hi cells of the same vintage. Unfortunately I have not run a hitachi since Feb. of 2006.
    I don't know what your background is mechanically, or with hitachi lathes. My memory is half way decent and I ran the 20J for about 8-9 years at 2000+ hours a year.
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