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    Lathe and Milling machine lubricants

    During the 1970's I graduated from a machinist trade school. Our senior instructor insisted that we wipe all machine ways, oil lead screws, and other exposed machine parts with DTE Heavy Medium lube oil. This is a fairly clear, non-detergent oil of about 40W with a rust inhibitor component. I...
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    Shaper attachment

    Regarding shapers: Request help in identifying what the mechanism or attachment is that is seen located on the ram in the attached web link. http://metalworking.com/dropbox/_2000_retired_files/Shaper3.jpg There appears to be a cam follower that rides over a trapezoidal shaped metal plate...
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    careers working with antique machinery

    I am amazed at the power and wisdom of the responses that this post has created. These machines built America…and as member Wilbilt post suggests herein, they may very well re-build America again. It certainly is encouraging to find others who wish to keep this important part of our nations...
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    D Series Spindle Adapter

    Member “dennh” mentions Asian import D series tapers being off. I recent received, and immediately returned for refund, a Travers Tool Company D1-6 chuck adapter that exhibited more than .100 eccentric slop in its fit to a Monarch lathe spindle when drawn-up tight. Buy American or make your...
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    TREE Milling Machine - Model 2UVR

    If you are not dead set on keeping the machine original, you might consider grinding the spindle taper to one of the modern standards. As an recent example, I overhauled a Van Norman #12 mill which originally used the hard to find 5V collets. It was a simple matter to I.D. Grind the spindle...
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    Cincinnati Tool Master Mill

    Tnmgcarbide …. I think you have hit on the correct model that I am calling “style 2” out of ignorance in my original post. This is the machine I am considering for purchase as I really like the old fashioned 1940s,50s, 60s generation gear drives on everything. The information really helps me...
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    Ebay Insanity

    All the discussion on motivation to pay a high price for a shaper tool is in the eyes of the beholder and thus purely subjective. Getting back on tooling, here’s my subjective guess: I attribute it to the decline of shapers as a perceived commercially viable machine tool. There are many other...
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    Machine dealer in Mobile,AL.

    I used to receive their flyer ads back in the 1980’s. I still have a couple in my files. Here’s the old contact info. Great South Machine Tool Co 1928 Duval St. Mobile, AL 36606 Joe Mathews 205-478-8771 They seemed to carry an unusually large inventory of British machine tools: Lang...
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    Cincinnati Tool Master Mill

    Requesting any advise, expertise or experiences with Cincinnati Tool Master vertical mills. I have looked at several Cincinnati Tool Master vertical mills over the last year. There seems to be two basic machine styles: (1) Some are designed similar to a Bridgeport knee mill with belt drive...
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    Brown&Sharpe universal

    I agree with the MCGAM post regarding the electrical. I have rebuilt several machine tools for my hobby shop. I used to work professionally in a manufacturing plant where I did electrical, electronic, CNC maintenance and repair on machine tools of all kinds. I am currently rebuilding a #3 B & S...
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    '29 SB 302-BB Silent chain large swing

    I frequently operated, what I believe is, the same machine several years ago in our university machinist trade school. It had the riser blocks and interestingly, the lathe was almost used exclusively for brake drum, disk brake rotors, and the occasional shortened drive shaft work to accommodate...
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    W & S Turret Lathe sizes

    Now I recall the Gisholt "L" models that JRIowa refers to. I ran those lathes back in 1970's when the oil boom was going in Texas. I was absolutely amazed at the abuse the machines would take. We ran large green, cast steel oil well head parts, hot off the casting lines from Mexico. Most of it...
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    How do I remove old paper from plexiglass

    I worked in the aviation field for a number of years. When they install new clear plastic aircraft windows, the paper has very often been on for many years of storage. I witnessed the airframe repairmen consistently use a simple removal technique. They fabricated a scraper from an old piece of...
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    shiping a piece from texas to ia help

    I would like to ask member "ztarum" if they really shipped that mill by air freight. Also is this a typo?... a 700 Lb. Horizontal mill seems a bit light. Thanks
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    What is a "centripetal ball bearing"??

    Member Britboy introduces the correct science and physics to the discussion, but I thought these bearings were only used in the mufflers of 1967 Volvo’s.