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    Fanuc 31iB Spindle Indexing

    I came up with a work around where i could not orient 180. Needed for probe calibration. the work around is writing a new value to the "spindle orientation stop position shift" parameter this parameter number is the same in the 18iMB and 31i series controls. I just checked manual #B-65280EN/08...
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    Hydraulic pressure and air pressure and door switch alarms oh my! 1995 Hardinge VT200 Fanuc 18T

    I have had that type i/o unit come unplugged. The individual units I mean. As you can imagine you lose everything on that unit. See if reseating them gets you anywhere.
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    Fanuc 21i-MB hang problem

    If you contact Fanuc, they can help you diagnose it. I have an 18iMB here that was doing strange things on Mondays before finally evolving into a black screen and showing 900 rom parity. Again, only on Monday mornings. Once up, it would run all week. That evolved into no worky worky period. no...
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    Good Swiss Tooling

    if we gotta have a necro, lets get back on topic Has anyone tried the new Iscar swiss with the switchable heads? Kinda like the Sandvik QS.
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    Specialized Vertical mill for EDM Carbons ? Makino SNC 64

    Sorry I usually dont click links, especially to MyFace™ so I cant see what was shown. They are great machines for electrodes and hardmilling core cavity work, so I am told. Are you looking at a green one or a newer black and white one. I believe the green ones shared some architecture with the...
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    Specialized Vertical mill for EDM Carbons ? Makino SNC 64

    what are you saying? You are looking at buying one? Makino used the SNC64 model name for a long time for machines that were quite different but the same.
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    Fanuc 16M in HMC, Y axis red cap encoder issue.

    I am not real experienced on the non i 16/18 controls, but I believe the encoder is serial on that machine. The only way to see the "channels" is with a check board plugged into the drive. You should be able to see the output of the scales though. And if you are getting an excess following error...
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    Fanuc 16M in HMC, Y axis red cap encoder issue.

    what was the alarm? and is it a non " i " 16?
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    Setting up Network Drive Function - Mori Sieiki NL3000

    I think you have to run "mori server" software on a pc on the network. Like Seymour says
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    Build A 5-axis CNC Machine - Build Log

    is it for teeth?
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    WTF???? Suddenly cutting undersized.

    run a repeatability test for turret index positions.
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    TOS (omnitrade canada variant) 5 axis horizontal cnc mill - 1991 fanuc 15m need ladder and will pay

    I had a 92 Monarch mill with a B. Reason I ask is I think the ladder types A vs B are different. "A" being much more difficult to deal with today. Memoryman would know. Something significant is different between them.
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    Fanuc 21-T M-Code Sensor Trigger

    You can write out of the program through the RS232 port with Dprint. Search the forum for that. you already have the relay triggered by m-code. M08 is one you can piggyback onto.