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    Niobium (columbium) electrode suggestions

    Don't know much about copper electrodes, I only use them to burn holes and counterbores,nothing special. Here's a link to the Poco Tech manual, you can check the charts and compare to your settings or modify the settings. Poco: EDM Technical Manual
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    Niobium (columbium) electrode suggestions

    What settings are you using now? Electrode negative or positive? First choice would be copper graphite,Poco C3.2nd choice would be Poco 3. Try titanium settings for your sinker, definitely would be negative electrode polarity. Its going to take at least 3 electrodes,probably more, to rough and...
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    Hole burner Electrode plugged

    What is the diameter of the tube your cutting? For really small tubes I use a finger nail clipper with an angled head, works great on tubes like .012-.020 dia. For larger diameters up to about .040 I use a Xuron shear flush cutter, don't use side cutters. The Xuron cutters cut square and don't...