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  • Hello Gordon,
    You won't believe this but I just bought the K&T 2hl you wired up in the Berkley mechanical engineering department! I'm moving it today to So Cal!
    I see y'all put new sight glasses on.
    Gordon, Its been much too long! News? I know you're busy but you eat lunch right? Breaking news: A.L. Ott (who made that mic you have) was a S.F. jeweler listed in the phone book in the teens /twenties. I stumbled across him while researching another maker. I just posted on this board my latest distracting project. I might need help but really I just want to share. Give Anjuly a big squeeze for me. O.K. then remind me how to spell her name. My best to Lydia and Jon-Jon? too. -Cort
    Hey Gordon, Just joined this place because I just closed my storage space and am trying to get inspired to get my Hjorth up and running. Been cleaning it up one boxful at a time. Talk to you soon I hope.
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