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  • Gorilla thank you. Gordon and I communicate on email also and I like him very much. I am limited to internet now using my cell until my cable company can get me back up. Any friend of Gordon and Texas is a friend of mine. I have not accessesed email yet yet I am confident Gordon is a fighter and getting stronger. We best be friends as I often must stand up for Gordon he is a very good man and good online friend. Best regards. Any communication is welcome and when my full internet is up we can exchange email. God bless. Spin it/ Lewis
    Hello chipper. I'll tell you a joke about Dalhart.
    Two Texans were working in the oil fields on the North Slope, up in Alaska. Dead of winter. Just about to freeze to death. One of them turns to the other, and says "Man, I'm so cold, I'm about dead." The other one turns to the first one, and says "Yea, it's cold alright, but ain't you proud you ain't in Dalhart!"
    It is a bit more likely that you could find a lake here, but with this drought, I'm not sure for how much longer. Creeks and ponds and rivers are sure getting low.
    As for moving here, least we don't freeze as bad as Dalhart does in the winter. Summers worse, with the humidity, but I guess that's the price we pay.
    Hi Gorilla. I'm in Dalhart. As extreme north and west as one can get. Would love to be able to move to marble falls. Lots of water around there. I have to drive an hour to put my boat in some water. If only I had a better reason.
    Well.... I'm not from Texas... I just live here...
    I grew up in the Machine Tool Capital of the world and was trained at Cincinnati Mill ...
    They know..."Where's the BEEF"
    Give me a heads up if you are interested in some literature on Toyoda VMC's. Mike Goodger is a good resource. Good Luck with your search.
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