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Been machining since 83. Mechaniced on different things before and since. Everything from bicycles to diesel tractors and windmills. Raised in West Texas on ranches and farms. Chased cattle, deer, women. Only thing that ever got even with me was the women. Father, grandfather. Big, ugly. Getting old and cranky(er).
Ran manuals and basic CNCs, mostly in a job and repair setting. Lots of custom rubber molds. Job required a jack of all trades, as you never knew what would walk in the door. Lots of onesy-twosie work, required a lot of "innovative" ideas on getting it done, and a wide base of skills. I've seen a lot of odd stuff, and know a little about lots of things, but don't claim to know everything about anything. Mentored by the best machinist I ever encountered. Man has probably forgotten more than I absorbed. Very lucky to have worked there for so long. I should be so lucky to learn as much as he did. And now trying to pass that along to my shop full of newbies. Heaven help em.

Hunting, fishing. Fast cars, old cars, fast, old cars. Kids, grandkids. Photography, travelling.
Sep 7, 1955 (Age: 67)
Central Texas, West and North of Austin
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Machine shop manager