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  • I have no idea as to where to get information on an antique drill press that I found in one of our old barns!!! I'm an antique vintage junkie!!! I buy sell trade etc & being a female... Well lets say some men may think I'm out of my league... But I love building, creating, designing all sorts of things & at times can outdo many men!!! I'm NO man hater... I'd love to find the right one, but he HAS to know more about tools than I do or he's not even a consideration... Ok enough about me.... This Press is made by W.J. Savage Company Mill And Mine Machinery, Knoxville, Tn... It prob weighs at least 7-800 lbs Perhaps more... Sally the serial numbers, Name plates, etc are intact I just want to know where to begin to find out about it because I highly doubt that there are many of these lying around!!! Could you possibly help or direct me to someone who could??? I have pics so any help wld be so appreciated!!!! Thank u... Dana
    I sent you a Emai, didnt know you were a Mod on this site, Computer illiterate!. Let me know if you want the Books and Blueprints.
    If you do give me an address and Ill send them to you. Thanks
    They are in pretty good shape for the age.
    Hi Greg,

    Many thanks for your reply. I note that you said you have the parts manual supplied by ATW. As previously mentioned my lathe is the 14, 16 and 18-Inch “American” High Duty Lathe illustrated on page 4 of the Efficiency Bulletin of August 1 1915 - http://pounceatron.dreamhosters.com/...letin-1915.pdf. When you have time can you have a look at the parts manual and let me know what it contains relevant to this machine.


    I am in need of a center steady for a Seneca Falls 12" Star Lathe. I need assistance in asking your membership about availability.
    Hello Greg -
    I has been suggested that I move the thread, "Thread: Whatsit: mystery caliper" from the general discussion forum to this one, because it appears to be an oldie, and this crowd is more likely to have seen one. Can you make that happen, or tell me who can?

    Bruce Taylor
    Hello Greg. I am new on this site, yet about as old as the machinery I have--thus the technical inquiry. I would like to post on the antique machinery forum. I have a whole machine shop in my barn that needs a new home rather than go to the glue factory. How do I do a post into your forum for suggestions/inquiries?
    I don't seem to be able to post photos to my thread about the old lathe in a cornfield.

    Have I reached my limit on photos?



    Can you please correct a typo for me?

    In my recent post on the Corliss Engine thread, I addressed my comment to "Joe in NJ" when I should have said "Joe in NH."

    Many Thanks

    Bruce E. Babcock

    Spammer in latest 'Galloways' post under the name Canarahydraulics

    Best wishes

    John Ditchfield
    Thanks for the response Greg.

    The Lathe is OLD like 1942 the motor is not old but not new either and the lather never had a drum switch as the lathe had a single direction motor. I'm trying to keep the lathe as original as possible but need to be able to reverse the motor for threading etc. There must be someone out there who can tell me what I need to do to hook the motor to the drum switch as they are both newer perheaps a different forum would be a better option for the wiring I need. The motor is way over kill for the application but is the right speed no matter what voltage I set it at. So what would your suggestion be?

    Ian Fraser
    Hi Greg, I'm not new to the forum but this is the first time I have had to get the pictures I needed to post on the web. My question is did I post not enough information to get the answers i need to hook this drum switch up to my lathe? Or perhaps did I not put the question in the correct forum? Some of the posts I have seen in past have had similar content and received replies. I can provide more information on the motor and the lathe but the lathe should be the simplist part of the hook-up.Thanks for info you can give me.

    Ian Fraser
    Greg just wondered if it is possible to change the initial title of a thread I started. I started one called Hardinge Cataract QC purchase. I realize now that a more appropraitte title should have been Hardinge Cataract QC Restoration project. Just wondering if either you can change it or advise how I can change it. Thanks
    Harold Mulder
    I am retired and engaged as a hobby machinist and old machine tool re-builder in San Antonio, TX who is focused on older machine tools (e.g., non CNC) I am trying to connect with people with similar interests in the central Texas area. Is is appropriate for me to post a general call for contact responses on the Antique Forum?
    Very Respectfully.
    Glenn Anderson
    log on name = Amach328
    Thanks for the edit Greg, don't remember what offensive word I used but being offensive is not my joy, 'less it's fightin' fire with fire, then.....:)

    As for me, I'll try to lighten your load in the future, great new moderator!

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