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    Darkening tool graduations

    Yes, Lacquer Stick; I have used these on cameras too. https://www.amazon.com/MRK51123-co-Industries-Lacquer-Stik-Fill/dp/B002BYWUMO/ref=sr_1_2?crid=14MKVILFHGNT4&keywords=lacquer+stick&qid=1659445878&sprefix=lacquer+stick%2Caps%2C95&sr=8-2
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    - What Brand CMM Should I Buy? -

    For long term accuracy, it is hard to beat granite air bearings on all the axis.
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    OT A1 Canon Camera

    Not a Sony, But the Olympus and Panasonic micro 4/3 cameras can accept any lens. They are mirroless digital camera with very short backfocus so a cheap T type adapter hooks up to any lens.
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    Garden / mowing tractor any built these days with a horizontal shaft engine

    I kind of bought a tractor by accident (a Kubota BX2230 at an estate sale). I needed a mower and it was close enough that I could drive it where it needed to be. Turns out I did need a tractor! I don't have the front end loader that many do, but the mower deck and 3 point accessory connectors on...
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    ISO9000 and AS9100

    We got certified ISO 9000 about 3 years ago, then as an ISO 17025 (calibration Lab) two years ago. My advice is; -Write your procedures based on what you actually do, not what you intend to do. -Don't make procedure too detailed, (to easy to lock yourself in a corner come audit time) -Find a...
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    substitute for Formby tung oil

    Not quite the same, but I like Watco Danish Oil. I never considered it for years, thinking it was just oil. It is combo of penetrating oil and varnish (not poly-urethane). Super easy to apply (wipe on, wait 15 minutes, wipe off, wait overnight, apply more coats if desired). I have an old...
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    stainless steel bolts on aluminum structure

    If you want to hedge your bets a bit, fasteners made from 316 or 316L have improved corrosion resistance. Some of what has been said already, but a bit less antidotal ; Stainless Steel & Aluminum: Why You Shouldn't Use Them Together and Proper Precautions To Take If You Do - Albany County...
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    Tips on Moving a Benchtop CMM

    Ye, that is the general idea. I was looking at this picture; Brown & Sharpe Microval 343 Manual CMM - CMM Technology Installing braces to form a triangle for the bridge and that very tall tower as well as strapping, would be good. The granite might be removable, if it is not used as a bearing...
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    Tips on Moving a Benchtop CMM

    Looks like an air bearing system. You don't want the bearings rubbing against the granite during shipping, so If you can get something between them (sheet of paper?) before you strap everything in place. Lots of long leverage on that unit, so strapping all moving parts would be a very good idea...
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    Optical instrument for PCD insert's setting

    A handy method of killing side reflections in a tube is to use a coiled spring (around 10mm pitch, maybe 1 or 1.5mm wire thickness) inside the tube. The spring should be flat black. Common is bras with a black finish.
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    Micrometer Oil

    What else would you expect it to say? It's an oil!
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    E. Leitz Wetzlar "tool" ???, ID?

    Optical bevel protractor; Bevel Protractor: [Types, Parts, Reading, Applications] with PDF
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    DRO system for micrometer?

    I should clarify my note; 100x total magnification, using a 10x objective and 10x filar eyepiece= ~800um field of view and 1.5um uncertainty 200x total (20x objective) = 400um fov and ~0.9um uncert. 400x total mag (40x objective)= 200um FOV and ~ 0.4um uncert If you did not need digital...
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    light source for optical flat

    A cheap green filter and most any light source will let you see bands. More monochromatic lights will enhance the contrast. If you are actually measuring, you need to account for the actual wavelength (color).