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  • Hi Mr. HendeyMan...
    I have a Hendey Norton 2B Univeral Milling Machine that came with a farm that I bought. The building that it is in collapsed and the machine needs to be restored. I really don't want to scrap this because I realize that it is very old and rare. Can you give me any advice how I can go about selling this to the right person?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Might you please, be able to give me some information on my Hendey lathe? Thank you in advance.
    if you search the National Archives for Hendey lathes, your might get a hit or two. If those documents are located at the NARA location in College Park, MD, or anywhere in the National Capital Region, I’ll go copy it/them for you. PM me for additional info on how to query the Archives and the info that I’ll need from any documents that you find.

    Good Luck,

    Brad Loomis
    Brad Loomis
    Thank you James!
    Dear Hendeyman,
    I have an old Hendey 16x10 Lathe number 22089. The previous owner maintained a steam locomotive. Can you tell me anything about this machine? Thanks, Tom
    Hi Hendeyman,
    I am working on a complex compound angle project. I drilled a hole on the wrong place. On an angle to the surface. I wanted to drill and tap and over size plug and then re-dril the hole.
    Do you know how tap a hole on an angle? I was thinking of grinding a pilot on the end of the tap. Or just not doing it that way.
    I will send pix if you don't mind...
    Hi hendeyman,
    I was wondering if you could help me in regards to inform on my 12x5 Hendey lathe serial #25119. From what I know it's an ECM lathe, but I have no idea what year it was manufactured.
    My email is [email protected]
    Hey there hendeyman I have an old hendey that I have been working on for a few years and sadly I don't know anything about it, any help? Thanks much for your time. SN#28861 and it's a 20x72 lathe with a 12 speed head. Mostly curious about the year it was made or any other information you might have. My email is [email protected]. thanks again for your time
    Hi there, I just joined this site so I am not sure how this all works. I just purchased a rapid production 24" Bullard from one of your posts it sounds like you might have some info on these early machines
    My email is [email protected]

    I am having binding issues with my cone head lathe (#17203). I have some questions I was hoping you would answer for me. I have read a lot about the proper spindle shim size. What should this shim be made of? Could you explain the procedure for adjusting the bearings after the proper shim is installed, or tell me where I can find that information?Also, I am looking for a clear drawing of this spindle so I can better understand it before I take it apart, any idea where I may find one?

    My email address is [email protected]

    I have a post in Antique Machinery titled Old Hendey 20" sn.9693 Can you please help me?
    Mr. hendeyman I lost your email address and a few months back I was looking for a compound rest for a 1927 12x6 I seen in a more recent post you stated you had a friend parting out a hendey with a compound rest off a lathe if that era. Does your friend still have that rest and would he still be willing to sell it will it fit my lathe thanks for your help [email protected] Jared
    Mr. Hendeyman
    I recently started a post titled Hendey lathe looking for a compound rest for what I assume to be a late 20's early 30's Hendey 12x6 S/N 26510. Any idea where I may be able to find a compound Pete22 says he has one off a 1915 12in hendey wold that be that same or similar rest? Also any info one this lathe including manuals specs and locating any tooling ie.taper attachments steady rest etc. Would be GREATLY appreciated!!! I hope to here from you soon or see you join in my post!!!!
    Dear Hendeyman,

    I'd very much like to contact you regarding Guinness Brewery locomotives but your inbox here is rejecting my message saying its full! Perhaps you could PM me an email address so I could contact you direct please?

    Dear Sir, I know you must get a lot of these notes asking about Henley machines. It looks as though you are the holder of the information and parts source. Is this still true?

    I am just starting a rebuild and am really falling in love with this machine. First time I have been into something this well built as far as lathes go. It is a 12X30 that came from the Chicago area. The serial # is 35066. through the forum I found out it was a 1942. Do you have access to more info than that? I guess the history means nothing in the long run but it would be neat to know. I plan on putting this machine to work when it is finished. I am just a small one man shop so I bet it will far outlast me and even the next owner. I will be selling a like new 13x40 eco lathe as soon as this one takes its place.
    Hope this finds you well and making lots of chips.
    Rye Pierce
    Really appreciate the information and invaluable services you provide Hendey owners. Would like to know the history of 12" High Speed shaper #1780 if you have it. Thanks!
    I have recently purchased a hendey lathe 14x30 12speed gear head lathe I want to change the oil, would like to know what type to replace the old oil with, and where would you find a lubrication scymatic, if you could help , I would appreciate it, thank you John Temple ph 5012507575
    Hendeyman I just acquired a large Hendey lathe the number on the plate reads: GS-469-7 One of the motor starter contractors was damaged when they moved it. I want to upgrade to new starters but there is no info or numbers on the old starters and the diagram on the inside of the cover is mostly gone. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    I recently purchased a Hendey 12" shaper, serial number 1898. This machine has a cast iron ram with dovetail guides on both sides. It also does not have the down feed mechanism on the side of the ram. Could you give me the availalbe historical info on this machine? I'm not very familiar with this forum so feel free to respond to my email at [email protected] or just reply to this question (if that's possible). Thanks in advance for your help.
    I just wanted to see if you could give me any information on a Hendey 12 x 30 lathe i purchased. Its serial # is 28901. Any help would be appreciated. My email is [email protected]
    I accept that Hendey built some of the finest tools ever produced by human hands. I have used their lathes and own a 1930 model AA 14" x 30" Monarch which is of the same ilk. So what was their intended purpose? What was their advertising, their promotion of this new material in their shapers? And why did they turn back? Same goes for the one V and square ways. Another obvious and abandoned technological evolution.
    It would be ok with me if you use this letter to start a thread, others out there could be interested.
    On a more personal note, is there anything I should be on the lookout for with this machine. In particular, was there some failing for the aluminum ram?
    Thanks.... John aka machmat
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