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    Availability of 15 mm & 20 mm aluminum plate in US.

    It is possible that these people are not your customers. You’ll have to start with something other than 15 and 20mm plate to make the finished product that is reasonably flat. I bet they don’t want to pay for that either. Are there other requirements you/we don’t know about? How flat is flat...
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    What is the ideal setup for milling a long fluted rod?

    Yes, a search for rifle barrel fluting will show lots of good answers.
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    Cutting 6" diameter hole in 3/4" rubber mat

    I’d use a regular hole saw and have someone keep a stream of water on the cut. Lay the mat over some wood to keep the mat flat and support the cut.
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    OT: CRC brake cleaner - safe on rubber bellows / rubber accordian, plastic , acrylic?

    Just dabbing on mineral spirits and letting it sit for days will soften old dried up grease and oil. Dab a little more on every day. Then brush and scrape off the worst of it and start over with more mineral spirits. Brass brushes are really good for scrubbing steel parts.
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    Powermatic MVN spindle rebuild - or not?

    I think I would clean it out and re-grease lightly with the white lithium that is called for.
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    soda vs walnut shell blasting?

    akjeff, What is the media life like doing work like you show? Does it last a while?
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    Vibratory bowl finishing - ebonite and acrylics/resins

    You may be in for multiple polishings. Something like first run with walnut and a slightly coarser compound than what you using now, then a run in the current stuff, and finishing off in corncob with really super fine compound. That’s three steps instead of one but the time might be the same or...
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    Vibratory bowl finishing - ebonite and acrylics/resins

    You want your parts to be suspended in and moving with the media. More parts probably needs more media but its set by the size of the bowl and the power of the motor. Too full will work less well and work lots slower, while a minimum number of parts and media won’t be good throughput.
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    Vibratory bowl finishing - ebonite and acrylics/resins

    Regarding walnut shelIs, I would run it dry except for the little bit of polishing compound you add to the bowl. The other thing is to get the size and amount of media particles right for the particular part load. As noted above, you want the parts and media circulating through the bowl. Not...
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    bandsaw blade question

    Looked at your restoration thread and was not disappointed!
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    Pillow bearing massive failure

    Maybe not pipe. How about idlers off a track vehicle? Welded right over the stub axles you have now.
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    Pillow bearing massive failure

    Think about making your pivot out of one piece of big thick wall pipe. Like 12 or 18” pipe full width of the platform and laying in an appropriate size pillow block. The block could be made from almost anything, even wood.
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    OT - killing woodworn in fresh sawn white oak for trailer boards.

    Looking nearby, the OP will find a kiln operator. But if you want to do it yourself, here ya’ go: https://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/pubs/gtr/gtr_srs134.pdf
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    OT - killing woodworn in fresh sawn white oak for trailer boards.

    There is timber industry in your area. Look for sawmills. They will know who can dry your wood. There‘s also the guys who do custom sawing with portable bandsaw mills. Ask them for suggestions.
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    OT - killing woodworn in fresh sawn white oak for trailer boards.

    Yeah and you don’t want to be sawing or planing wood you poisoned. Jeeeeshh.….