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  • Hesstool,

    Regarding your Hardinge/Bridgeport XV I would recommend pursuing Hardinge. I'm a former applications Engineer from the milling and I recall when you purchased the machine and if my memory serves me correctly you got one of the first in the US.

    I don't believe a machine with 610 hours should have the spindle die on it. If you had 6100 hours then it would be a different discussion.

    Contact me if you need anything, good luck.

    They discontinued this machine for one reason or another.
    hey there. nah, i can't afford $500k! that was one of the C40U's that my employer had. they sold that unit.. it had a few things "updated" as it was a year newer than unit #1.. and had a different way of doing some stuff. but a damn fine machine! the C600 (now C20 with tnc530) is a great machine too, just a lot smaller and simultaneous 5-axis is slow on the tnc430 control.
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