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    Shaper owners

    I had an atlas 7B, which was never in 100% shape what with a couple stripped gears plus the guards missing and no vice, it was never quite "right", got it to make a few cuts then gave it away for a bottle of whisky. Came upon a nice Delta Rockwell (Ammco), with all the parts, vise, the little...
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    Kingston lathe opinion

    Used them lots during my time in shops which made BOPS, will easily handle that capacity. .250 to .300 a side roughing cuts at a 0.014 feed on 4140 were the norm. I used to have to top up the coolant tanks a couple times a day just from the evaporation due to filtering through all the hot...
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    OT: Educational choices, pressure from family. Need advice

    Frankly, the undergraduate non STEM/Finance fields from universities are a goddamn waste, they take kids money, make them feel special and then they have no marketable skills whatsoever, might as well have worked on an oil rig or concrete crew, least you'd have references and work experience...
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    Is not returning phone calls a industry standard or just unprofeshinal ?

    I wouldn't take the no call back too hard, big outfit and sometimes they're busy. One followup to see if the position is open is a nice courteous way to test the waters, after that on the rare chance they remember you it becomes gradually more irritating. We've all been there, trying to get...
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    Advice on sub-contracting work?

    If you have no equipment or formal training.........hanging out a shingle to do that for money isn't the greatest idea.
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    Round bar for knurling advice needed

    1018 will work fine for knurling, but you better be certain you plate it afterwards or the users gonna have some black/rusty hands.
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    Does anyone know what this actually is?

    i beleive thats a calibration device for magnaflux testing when you up a new solution to spray on a part to test for cracks. found it field indicator aka pie gauge Magnetic Field Indicators for NDT Testing | Magnaflux
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    Quality of USSR made tooling

    East Germany made good stuff...............everything else was pretty much garbage. No one who lived in the eastern bloc thinks wistfully back to how they made things in the "good old day" of communism. Stanko lathes are a crap.
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    OT: Moving out for the first time, any advice?

    +++++++1 Michiganbuck is giving you some straight answers here, probably the best advice in the whole thread. Swallow your pride. Im gonna level with you here, because I started out my apprenticeship when I was 19 and it was my first time on my own and I had moved 12 hours away, thankfully I...
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    OT Spike strips to protect political sign.......

    Lots a farmers forget they left an upside down harrow on the other side of a gate they locked. Its just farm equipment in field after all, no ones the wiser. Suburbia........a little different, theres smaller pieces of lawn care equipment that can serve a similar purpose. Be tactful and...
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    Cleaning rust from weathered stock

    This has to be for home shop machinist use, only they would have the time to screw around like this. Because in a commercial environment, 90% of the stock is kept outside unless its turned and ground. Ferrous metals rust........... Put it in the lathe anyways, use coolant.
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    Metalworking/Machining Beginner's Study Guide

    This sounds very rudimentary so theres no need to over think it. Maybe go to your local high school and talk to the shop teacher, what you describe is basically grade 11/12 metal work.
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    3rd shift supervisor sleeping on the job 3-6 hours.

    Its always a concern when guys have to point out others mistakes, and you should have said "I dont know how to do_________________" the first couple days, preferably during your interview. Forget to add alot, big nono, and it raises suspicion in a very precise and specific trade. You will...
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    3rd shift supervisor sleeping on the job 3-6 hours.

    When I was a younger man during my apprenticeship I ran into the same thing, much like you I was very concerned with how good of a job I did and worried about waking up the lead hand for questions. You're new to the job and are obviously trying to learn the ropes, your most valuable tool...