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    Using CAD CAM ? Try COMPUTER AIDED SETUP Software + DTI Probe Method.To know more visit, Computer Aided Setup
    Oh, and the green left bottom corner is a Arco, In the top right hand corner is a Int 1 1/2hp famous, and right behind the model M should be a Associated chore boy
    Thanks for the time last night. Still struggling with it. Did find a blown mp10 on the the z drive board.

    Talked to my friend about the adapter you are looking for. He said he knew what you were talking about and he did not have any of stuff avaliable to him. He suggested you contact a local AB rep. HE said your in the right area to find one of the good ones, he knows they are out there. But did not know anyone by name. Said to call the service center and ask for one of the old reps. IF you can hook up with one of the older guys he should have what you need in his tool bag.
    Will keep you updated on the progress.
    Best this season to you.
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