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    Value of machine in storage? Milltronics Partner 4

    What does your attorney say about this? I've seen attorneys in cases of difficult value disputes recommend that an item be auctioned, to determine the actual market value. Perhaps she'd front the money to rig it to an auction location if she thinks it's worth $20K. Otherwise just Ebay it where...
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    Fellows type 6a gear shaper internal gear

    He's still wrong. Here's a photo of the idler arm stowed in place on a 6A, at the lower right corner, but not engaged. That bar it is clamped to is a fixed part of the machine body, not an idler shaft.The arm supports the bearings that the idler gear turn on. There is only one tooth count of...
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    Fellows type 6a gear shaper internal gear

    The arm with the gear is how you put the idler in the gear train. What EG is describing is how you cut on the upstroke on an internal. Ignore that unless you need to cut upward against a shoulder.
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    Looking for Fellows type 6a gear shaper Manual

    #6 is older than 6A, 6A is 30s to 60s, and smaller as well. Member 10fingers here is a great source of parts and info for Fellows machines. https://www.gear-shaping.com/
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    My Mistake
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    Info on new "warnings" system to be added

    :rolleyes5: What's that well known phrase about assumptions?
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    A question about early Automotive bearings...

    Are the bronze bearings scraped, or just bored and installed? Johnson Bronze made bronze bearing shells for flathead Ford engines, were reputed to be hard on cranks compared to soft metal shells.
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    TRAK bed mill AGE 3 tool length offsets

    All the documents are available for download on SWI's website, they are very good about that.
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    Cheap CAD Recommendations

    The free version of 2D Solid Edge is the best you can get.
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    Radiant floor heat VS bolting down equipment

    If I was doing a large floor I'd do many smaller partitions of tubing, so that if If I damaged one badly enough or had to sacrifice one for the sake of a machine, I would still have the rest of the floor heated - better than none at all. A nearby friend with a LARGE fab shop did in floor heat...
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    Anyone want to scrape the compound on my LeBlond Regal Servo Shift?

    A workaround for immediate use is to rig up an extended handle using a 1/2 or 3/8 speed handle to turn the leadscrew, that gets the side to side force away from the top slide. Then fix it right (scrape) later. Do you already have a longer handle on the feedscrew or are you using the OE handle?
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    Forum Login

    Skynet is taking names and making a list.
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    Metric square drive sizes?

    I've seen 5 sided drives used by the local utility company. How are they measured in practice? Are there several sizes of them? I think fire hydrants also have 5 sided connections.
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    FS- Suburban Master Grind Spin Index Fixture

    I've had all the above except Last Word. Sold the Harig and Atco, kept the Newbould and Suburban. The Suburban doesn't turn as free as the others, that might be because of higher bearing preload. One plus for the Suburban is it will accept a 5C collet, the Harig and Atco won't.