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    Free CNC resources

    I followed your link, the "free" download requires that I download the Kindle app, so not free but basically a hook to get one to support a platform such as Amazon. I do not want to sound trite, but felt as if I was being lured into something nefarious
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    VFD for M-Head Bridgeport. need advice.

    On my M head round bar Bridgeport I use an ABB VFD the motor is a 1/2 hp 3 phase i come off my CB panel with 220 30 Amp double pole breaker. ABB manufactures a great product, a little more expensive than the Asian throw away stuff but worth it to me. For what it is worth Good luck
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    Older round ram Bridgeport mill with M-head

    I use my round bar BP M1 mill weekly for small projects. I converted the 3 phase to accept an ABB VFD and 220 single phase. I added a small break resistor (radiator) to control the motor with a heat sink plate behind the knee. My motor does not exceed 130 degrees F even after continuous run...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Upgrade Layout

    Hi, I removed the knife switch due to damage. I am installing a push button rated switch for "on / off" the cb was added as I feel better having a down line cb from the power selection. I do not plan on having an employee, this unit is in my home along with my 2 lathes, mill boring bar, valve...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Upgrade Layout

    Just returned home from a 6 week project. My "day" job is providing davit, winch, mooring winch services to the cruise ship industry. As you may imagine we are swamped now playing catch up. I appreciate your sound advice. I am going for 24VDC on the limit switches, I did research and found that...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Upgrade Layout

    The plan is for the e-stop relay(s) to be wired in for each motor, spindle, x,y, and z axis. I have the relays on 35mm DIN track and utilizing the OEM switch as well as through the BOB
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Upgrade Layout

    I mounted the main board in the enclosure and added a CB panel to control the sub systems ie., cooling fans, PC, oiler, and mister. More wiring to go
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Upgrade Layout

    Bridgeport Series 1 Upgrade Progress ]Okay new pictures, wiring going well, i milled out one of the old BP heat sinks to accept the brake resistor (radiator) and mounted it outside to keep the heat out of the enclosure
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    Motor forward / reverse switch

    Or Call 1-877-DRAWBAR (372-9227)
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    Motor forward / reverse switch

    Looks like the one i have for speed control 5 POS 2 Pole Momentary I am sure you seen this Mfr. Part # SR2511F-0205-19F0B-E9-N-W-159 Mouser Part # 105-SR2511F-25FN
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    Help to ID a BP copy & parts interchangeability

    Appears to be the Chinese knock off of a beefy J1. But i am not an Asian machine expert
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Upgrade Layout

    Preliminary Layout for the CNC upgrade. All demolition is completed. I cut out 2 large panels from the original steel backing and attached a 3/16 aluminum plate on 1" spacers to allow better cooling properties. 30 amp breaker for power inlet (on/off) to a line filter branch 220 to the ABB VFD...
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    Bridgeport Series 1 CNC Original Parts Free

    As an update I gave the parts to a neighbor 14 year old and showed him how to separate the metals for top dollar scrap, he netted just under $80.00 for a days work. He had fun learning as well