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    Knurling Stainless Steel

    It could be that the knurling wheels are not tracking properly and therefore shred the peaks already formed. Tip: start the knurl off the end of the part so perhaps only 1/4 of the width of the wheels are engaged. Start the spindle at very low rpm because you don't want the part to make a full...
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    vaccine mandate

    re: the mass delusion underway Covid Totalitarianism: The Deification of Error - by John Waters - John Waters Unchained
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    vaccine mandate

    A lot of folks are confused by what they thought they knew about vaccines as taught 30 years ago versus what is the actual case with the jab. The jab is all about this: the difference between theory and practice is that in theory, there is no difference, but in practice, there is. The...
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    vaccine mandate

    The vaxxed produce the more infectious variants themselves. The lame science of the jab produces a single weapon against the spike protein, and it's already obsolete. Naturally acquired immunity is a multi-pronged approach with many ways to attack a virus, and which does not favor any particular...
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    Machining Tolerances

    Holding this tight of a tolerance can be done, but in reality, it won't be the tolerance that you produce with the tool, most likely. This tolerance will be achieved by hand sanding and perhaps polishing the part. Even with a really nice turned appearance, with a flat nose tool (like Iscar...
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    Why does my lathe bore tapers?

    FWIW, I keep the compound's gib very tight, since I might only tweak it a small amount sometimes. I'd open up its clearance a little if I was going to do a lot of cranking on that handle. Or better, I have a reasonably large slip on handwheel that fits over the crank handles on the compound so...
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    100% beginner

    Some of you guys make it sound like CNC is something extraordinarily hard to do. It isn't, but you start with simple jobs (like hole drilling), which will make you get your post processor set up correctly. A manual machinist should already have some notion of what order to do the operations in...
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    Onecnc XR5 Mill upgrade options

    Man, I can't remember that far back :D Was that before the major change in the CAD side? If you're not used to the redesigned CAD, it might take a bit of getting used to, but I think it's pretty fast and handy (still not associative, what you draw is what you get). Lots of guys rave about the...
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    OneCNC XR8 Shifting datum to around outside of Cylinder on 4th Axis.

    For a wrap part, the datum is always Z0 at the centerline on the spindle axis. You should be able to redefine this quite simply at the control: hint, it is the radial distance in Z- from the top of the wrap circumference ;) For other 4 axis modes, you can change the Z datum by moving the...
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    Why does my lathe bore tapers?

    Since I find it much more of a PITA to try to straighten a bore than an OD surface, I typically 'level' my lathes with a boring cut about 4" deep, so that it bores straight enough. If you've only got a wee bit of taper, you might choose to split the difference between 'straight' on the OD and...
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    Hydraulic cylinder gland thread oval from weld on fitting

    Make a very close fitting plug and install it in the barrel with lithium grease before welding. Don't drill the through hole for the fitting until afterwards so that you don't have grease coming out into the fitting while welding. You will need to be able to pull the plug out either with a bolt...
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    Extra parts, give to customer or throw it in the bin?

    The way i look at it, if the customer orders 10 of a 1 time job (and it is a cnc job), I'm going to price the job on making 12 parts, whether they all turn out or not. I want to be sure that he gets at least the quantity ordered. So I include the extras at no extra charge if they are good ones...
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    Precision Measuring Tool- 4 Jaw Universal Chuck

    I think a 3 legged micrometer (aka "intrimike") might do this job, with a bit of modification. The measuring points on the ones I have do not project past the end cap, so the end cap would have to be thinned somewhat (maybe .030") to permit this possibility. But if there is clearance on the part...
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    Work holding for large diameters on a mill table

    What size of mill table and how many T slots? Can't use toe clamps from the top? What does that mean? Strap clamps go on the top, toe clamps go against the bottom. It is entirely possible to mill a portion of a part, then pause and move some clamps around to machine the remainder. You just do...
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    HELP! Bizarre Rust On Machine and Tools

    I only had this happen once, last year, in 40 years of machining. I bored some used spring shackles for larger diameter bushings, and the next morning my formerly pristine boring head was all coated with a rusty patina. I guess road salt got into the metal and came out as fine dust from the boring.