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    Unique Tap Retract Situation

    Knowing absolutely nothing useful about the Mits control.... This may be nothing more than a useless troubleshooting tip. I'm guessing the act of hitting the tap retract button does some stuff through the ladder side of the control. I'd see what it changes and then go look at those settings.
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    Is There a Maximum End Mill Length?

    The better question is how long of a tool do you need and how much machine do you have to hold it?
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    Concerns with Machining Abrasive PVC Film?

    I'll second this. Once you go PCD in plastic, especially if your processes are dialed in and there is little to no chance of making a mistake which will destroy an edge, PCD just goes and goes, and you will have end to end job part finish consistency.
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    Aftermarket dual contact?

    I'm gonna have to go digging for numbers. But I'm gonna go ahead and say not even close... I have done enough with big plus 40 and not seen any significant improvement in any way other than length repeatability at speed, it certainly doesn't even put it in the same ball park as a proper 50...
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    Acme threading, Mazak T32

    That field requires you put in the included angle of the tread for an infeed angle to match the flank. So 29 yields an infeed angle of 14.5, which would be correct for an acme thread. Some people would prefer to go a little less, but this can cause rubbing and excess tool pressure on the...
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    Acme threading, Mazak T32

    I'd actually do the opposite... KC5010 is a hard subtrate PVD coated insert. It needs a bit of heat to perform and prevent chipping. For KC5010 in 4140 in the mid 30's RC I'd be running a minimum of 230 SFM, but should be able to do ok up to about 500. Heat will help the chip flow better...
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    inconel 625

    He's "cutting" it duh!
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    Shop argument! Must have metric ballscrew on cnc lathe to make metric threads?

    Precise, slightly, yes, but more accurate, no, not likely. There will likely be more error in screw pitch and pulley mounting runout than there will be in rounding error from inch to metric. (some builders will have better components than others). Also would depend on the control. For a Fanuc...
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    SAE Porting in Inconel

    I think fluting would be a challenge for an all in one. But if you were to drill the pilot hole and only have to do the chamfers I think you'd be fine. IMHO, drill the hole, stay a chamfer distance short of the bottom, rough mill the counterbore with a small stock allowance, then use the port...
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    Tooling Vendor Suggestions

    I work for a vendor that starts with K and will be the first to say we don't have everything you will need... That said, we do have a lot, and as far as custom endmills and whatnot, I find we can still be pretty competitive if you need enough of them and can wait our normal lead times. Your...
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    Breaking 1/2" Kennametal HARVI I TE ENDMILL while plunging

    So this thread quickly went to bashing tool vendors as not knowing what they are doing.... There can be some truth to that statement. But that usually depends on who in that organization you are working with. Even for a 1/2" Harvi 1 TE, .002 IPT is on the high end for slotting, no less...
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    Any experience with NZX 2000 SY /800??

    Live tools will seize if you run them under load on the high end of the rpm range for extended periods of time. They are especially troublesome if you run them with the coolant off/dry. Coolant through units are highly recommended if you plan to run them in high demand applications. Coolant...
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    Looking for Erickson QC 30 Tool Holders-Tree Journeyman 250

    Erickson is a Kennametal brand is most certainly still supported. Now that said, Quick Change 30 spindles should have been able to accept Erickson NMTB30 holders. Other manufacturers, possibly not due to g/l to flange differences. I do not believe Kennametal still has NMTB shanks in the...
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    Simultaneous 5 axis on Doosan/Fanuc with DWO, TCPC, WSEC etc

    Not necessarily true. You don't really need WSEC until you need to make angular orientation changes. Straight "work offset" type changes should be able to be set into G54, and G43.4 and G68.1 will follow that point without any trouble. If you need to make angular changes or translational...
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    adjustable tailstock for 4th axis

    All I have is a video of it running a part. Feel free to send me a PM with you cell # and I can text it to you. I hesitate though to share that video online. I have to review some of the design stuff later this week to send out for quote, maybe I can post some solidworks screenshots here as...