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  • Hi Marshall,
    Located in South Bend, which is 90 miles east of Chicago on 80/90
    I will have to measure the overall size, at work now and the drill is in the garage.
    Weight, dunno, hopefully heavy if I have to scrap it. Had a rigger drop if off here. My guess is 3000, but not sure.
    Timing is not dritical. Need the space for another project.


    Pat 574-292-0824 if you have other questions.
    Intrersted in the radial drill and table.
    Couple of questions.
    What is the overall size of drill?
    Any idea on weight?
    How soon would it have to be picked up?
    What part of Indiana are you located in?

    I am just west of Des Moines Iowa and finding cheap transportation could take some time.


    Marshall Henderson
    [email protected]
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