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  • Hello your standard pm box is full,
    I recently put down a deposit on the following milling machine(mis-advertised as a 'carvin'):
    Old Carvin Horizontal Milling Machine

    I am moving it this weekend and would like your thoughts with moving it using a truck. I found your photos moving a Garvin 13 in a Ranger pickup.
    There is access to both a forklift, and an engine hoist at the seller's location and I have an engine hoist at my garage.

    How did you load your machine? How was it braced in the truck? How many tie downs did you use?

    The motor assembly will be removed, but I don't know what else comes off easy. How difficult is it to remove the x-y tables?

    Thank you
    303 359 7538

    I also have a Boynton & Plummer shaper in need of a flywheel. If anyone arranges to have castings made I am interested. My email is: [email protected]

    Best regards,
    Gary Reisdorf
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