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  • I saw that you had a post regarding some TG50 collets. Did you ever find a use for them? I found your post while looking for some used ones. Let me know if you have some you would like to sell. [email protected] Thanks
    buzcoats, he goes by PWP on this site. He emailed me and asked that I remove his actual name. Look for PWP. His name is Paul.
    Hello, I saw in a post where you had information on a guy that has dro displays for sale. I need a scale and display for a bridgeport mill. Can you send me his info? Thanks,

    [email protected]
    I never posted a Bridgeport for sale. If you are just asking if the air assist is needed, no it is not. Just make sure that the table moves freely with the hand cranks but is not able to be moved by hand. Also check the spindle for runout.
    Hi, considering buying the bridgeport on the tread you posted. Does yours have the air assist knee and is this good or bad? I'm a hobbyiest. Looking to see if you have any recommendations on the mill. Thanksa for any advice.
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