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  • I have a Bridgeport boss thats been retrofitted with a slo motion controls program. The machine is powered up and going, however the computer will not make it past the bios boot screen. I have all thebooks and paperwork, but no boot disks.the guy that had the machine before me has past away. There seems to be little info on this software on thenet. I was hoping that you might have a disk or info that might help me out?

    Thanks for your time
    Regarding you reply SEM servo motors. My options seem to be to source drivers and a power supply and keep the servos, as they are very high performance, or ditch the whole servo system and go to steppers. Each has their pluses and minuses. I have two other parties interested in the servos so maybe you can give me an indication of what you might pay? The X and Y axis use this motor: Motor type - SEM brand, MT30R4 - 25
    >Max. RPM 2,500 (think this wrong but that is what the data plate says, actual data from SEM says 4,000 RPM).
    >Volts - 135
    >Pulse amps - 32.0 (from what I can tell this is more accurately surge amps, like initial surge on initiation of motion).
    >Tacho 9.5 volts/1,000 RPM

    These are very high performance motors you do not have to drive them to their max to get good results. The Z motor is smaller but equally robust. This is a high performance design capable of making piles of chips accurately.

    Email me here.

    Randy Howard
    [email protected]
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