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  • Haven't heard back yet. For a ballpark figure, if you wanted say 4-5 cuttes I could do around $100-120 depending on specific sizes.
    Hey Jim,
    Like I mentioned, because I am pretty flexible on the prices, I don't really have a set price for any of them. I've had 2 other guys Just send me what they needed and a fair offer. For larger sizes, I have 1",1.125",1.25", 1.5", 1.75", 2".

    It just depends on how many you need and the sizes needed. To give you an idea, 25% of retail is a fair offer. If you send me what you need, Ill give you a price and we can go from there.
    I finally got around to looking at the Euro/Jap Lathe Registry, and saw that you have a SAG12. I bought a nice one last summer, and I'm just now tooling up. I've got the same Aloris BXA tool post, and I was wondering what tooling system you are using.

    Do you use carbide inserts? If so, what brand/style of holder do you use? I was told by the guys in our machine shop to use negative rake tooling. Do you agree? Any suggestions?

    One other thing... do you have a steady rest? Did you buy it or make it? I need one, so if you have a source, I'd like to know. Otherwise, I'll have to make or modify one. According to my manual, these lathes were equipped with steady & follow rests, and a taper attachment. I wonder where they all went?

    Rosamond, CA
    Here is a link to my spindle replacement pictures and I don't have any way of sending the manual as it is too big to email in its current form and I don't know how to compress it. If you join practical machinist forum you can get more answers from more people. This visitor message format disappears so is hard to use and I think I sent you the source for the bearings so please go to the PM forum site and it will be easier to help you
    Hi Jim,

    Do you have a source and parts numbers for the Sag 12 spindle bearings. I also recall that you had and extensive details about your machine on the web...could you point me to the website?

    Hi Jim,

    Your name has come up many time while search for Sag 12 info. I have a couple of questions regarding the SAG 12:

    Do you have a source and part number for spindle bearings?
    What is the run-out of your spindle with new bearing?
    Please send links to your machine.

    Los Gatos, CA
    Sag 12 PDF
    Do you have the Sag 12 manual still?
    I'd like to get a copy if I might.
    I just bought one that needs some TLC and to be reassembled and need something to go from.

    [email protected]
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