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  • Hi Jim, I saw one of your posts about your VFD. I'm having problems with a remote panel for it.
    For the life of me, I can not get it working. Local is fine.
    Just wondering if you could provide a simple wiring drawing of your remote setup?
    I have a ABB ASC150 VFD.
    I've got the book, but still cannot get it to work remotely.

    scratching my head so much is starting to hurt LOL

    Hi Jim.I only cut a few treads a year and looking at some off these chinese machines and there gears, i cant do worse.Aluminium works well for the amount of threads I cut.In fact im busy doing a large gear at the moment.I bought a 16 mm ali plate and jig sawed out the blank.Reading up on Ali gears they are very underated by metalheads.Aircraft industries use them.No Spark factor.I to was looking around for cast iron blanks and came across a weight lifting weight.I think that there was a little railway line ,old tap&dies and all the old presstools thrown in the melting pot.Not a good idear.With ali its easy to cut and can be anodized,but it does grow a little.Anodizing will give long life,but not to sure off cost.Yes ali works.there is no wear on the gears I have used and its easy to machine.win win so far regards phil
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