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    Lots of HeliCoil items

    The Power Tool set (#2)has been sold
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    Lots of HeliCoil items

    I have a lot of HeliCoil Items for sale. Discount for shipping on multiple purchases PayPal or Check 1. HeliCoil 1"-8 Master Thread Repair Kit - Everything looks like new - the empty slot in the box originally had 6 inserts ($425.00 new) $80.00 shipped 2. HeliCoil Power Tool Kit -...
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    CNC Tooth (human) Manufacturing

    I was at the dentist here in our small town and didn't know that permanent crowns are made on a desktop machine. It measured about 30" x 20" x 15" tall. This photo is of the business portion. The largest endmill is about .125".
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    Rockwell 28-365 Drive pulley clutch question.

    I had a Rockwell 28-500, 20" bandsaw for a while and if it had this clutch in it, I never knew it. (I worked on the vari-speed, but not the wheel bearing) I had a similar emergency clutch in my Clausing lathe. In that case, they would only come into play when there would be a crash of the...
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    Anyone need a Stroke Sander ?

    I have been using a stroke sander in my cabinet shop for 40 years. It's sanded 1000s of doors and drawer fronts!
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    Need help with wiring for Delta unisaw starter

    I'm not an electrician, but I think that you are correct that you can wire the 110v wires either way. I've done it for many years that way.
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    Mitutoyo 0-6" Outside Micrometer Set - NEW

    The 0-6" micrometer set has been sold
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    Cleveland Tapered Reamer Set - 11 pcs

    These tapered reamers have been sold (07-24-2021)
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    Ineed a larger dust collector. How large is too large

    I don't have that large of a planer, but I do generate a lot of chips and dust. I have a 2hp delta that I added a second filter bag to (one supported from the ceiling). My main input to this conversation is that I have a 8' x 4' x 4' box on wheels that the chips run through just before the vac...
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    Cleveland Tapered Reamer Set - 11 pcs

    Cleveland Taper Pin Reamer Set. #0 through #10 Very good condition - High quality U.S.A. made Wooden case Very handy for machine rebuilders! $265.00 shipped (last photo shows pricing for U.S.A. made tapered reamers at Travers Tool) I have lots of other machinist tools on my website at...
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    Various Micrometers

    Starrett #256 disc style micrometer - Can measure groove spacings, etc. Calibrated in 2020 - $125.00 shipped Mitutoyo 112-225, 0 - 1" X .001" - Point Micrometer, Ratchet, 30 Deg. Steel Points - like new, calibrated in 2020 - $95.00 shipped Starrett #486 , 3 to 4" blade micrometer -...
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    Mitutoyo 0-6" Outside Micrometer Set - NEW

    NEW Mitutoyo 0-6" Micrometer Set. .0001 graduations. Comes in wood box, complete with standards. $575.00 shipped (over $750.00 online) Also, the last photo is of 6-7" and a 7-8" matching, but used micrometers. The pair are $150.00 shipped with the set, or $170 shipped by themselves.
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    6" Kurt Vise Accessory Jaws and Plates

    Yes, I sold these over 4 years ago. I'm was surprised that they surfaced again. Sure wish I had more of that machinists items! Jack
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    WTB groove micrometer

    I don't have one for sale at this time, it's been a while since I had one, but I'm always looking for items like that. I do have a lot of other tools on my website. at Machinist Tools Thanks, Jack Hoying Fort Loramie, Ohio
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    Machinist version of kitchen table

    We don't place a chair on the end unless it's extended with boards in.