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  • Hi Joe in NH, sorry to bother you but I m trying to find some elements you explain on this forum about the tunnel in Seabrook plant. I m french (so sorry for my english :) ).
    I'm specially looking on 1 thing in the tunnel : some pipes (for chlorination used to prevent biofouling). Have you heard of it ?
    Thanks for your time,
    PS: nice job on this project !
    Hello Joe
    Thank You for your response. My email is mfsamson@eastlink,ca
    I will check out your post
    Best Regards

    Michael Samson
    Hello Joe in NH
    I am looking for info about #5 Barnes screwcutting lathe, a few different gentleman informed me that you would be a good person to talk to. When you have a few free moments, I would really like to ask you a few questions. I.E literature, parts & tooling and any other info you could provide will be greatly appreciated.
    Best Regards

    Michael Samson

    I want to let you know how much I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in responding to my inquiry about my lathe. I have always valued it because I felt that it was probably quite old, and because of it's alleged connection to my hometown's once most important industry. This is also the first lathe that I ever attempted to operate, which was a thrill that I have not forgotten. That was 55 years ago. I am not a machinist, and never will be one. But I have accumulated a home machine shop where I claim that I can now break almost any type of tool.

    Again, Thanks for your response. I don't know of any other place where I could have learned so much about this lathe.


    Bruce E. Babcock
    Join the club. I've got a 14" x 8' Lathe & Morse 1874 that I don't know what to do with. Meanwhile it doesn't take up that much room - although I might move it somewhere else (outside?) if the right larger swing lathe should show up.

    Send me pix of that 20" Flather. You can send to [email protected]. Warning though - right now I'm on field assignment for my company down in Florida (missed the recent snow storms, phew!) and will be here until Christmas 2011. So I won't be doing anything for a while on this.

    Hi Joe.
    Tony Leary here from down in Winchendon Ma.
    I've got two flathers lathes. Ones a 20 inch or so about 12 ft long.

    A few years back i picked up a 6ft in Chelmsford Ma that has a gear box rather then the change gears but it been burried in the corner of my shop.
    Now I'm moving out of that space.
    It has a "Drive all" brand 4 speed gear box above the head stock.

    One thing i do know is broken is one of the change gears had one busted tooth i found it when cleaning and plan was to drill and pin it before brazing it back on but never got that far.
    Anyway I need to make it one go away.
    You know anyone who would want it and could pick it up in Gardner Ma?
    MAKE ME AN OFFER! I don't want to scrap it!!

    The cast legs have been bolted to Two 4x4 to make skids. I used three pipe to roll in on and off my trailer. I must be out of the space 5pm on the 13th.

    Tony Leary
    [email protected]
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