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  • John,
    We do have a pair of Brunson transits and a pair of another brand that I just saw briefly; these have digital display. I'll look closer at them both.
    I'll see if I can send some pictures to you, our work cannot be openly shared but certainly the basic metrology. It’s a complete shame that at one time we had an extensive amount of equipment here, the guy who did the work has retired, I never meet him, rumor has it he was difficult to work with and secretive.
    I have been trained to operate a Leica laser tracker, we were supposed to get one but has been two years since; I think I recall how to plug it in and not to grab the rotating part of the tracker. It is an amazing tool but there are things it cannot do.
    I’m sure to have more questions, going to continue with the mock up with the true square; making an adapter to fit it to the table – now that’s something I know how to do!
    Thank you my new friend, I’ll be in touch soon!
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