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    Wells Index 645 Drawbar Details

    About 25 years ago I bought a Wells Index 645 "mill in a box" at a high school auction, s/n 645-12090. Since then, the mill has sat in storage but now it's time to put things together!! As I continue to dig through the parts of my Basket 645, it appears that the drawbar and associated top...
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    Instructions for Installing a QC Gearbox onto a Logan 200 Lathe

    Not sure if this is the proper forum, but will give it a try here. Does anyone have a set of instructions describing the steps required to install a QC gearbox on a Logan Model 200 lathe? I suspect it shouldn't be too difficult, but if others have done it and made notes on the steps required...
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    Old Machine Shop Photos

    Ah, Lathefan !!!! I remember that name now! Thanks!!
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    Old Machine Shop Photos

    About 8 years ago I was a frequent visitor to PM and the Antique forum. But, as often happens, other things arose and I drifted away only to recently return. In those past years, I had spent a lot of time viewing pics of old machine shops and I had saved many links to those sites ... most of...
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    Plans for a Muzzleoader Mainspring Vise

    I'm presently making a 1780's Pennsylvania style 50 cal. flintlock muzzleloader from a kit and find that it would be very useful to have a mainspring vise. Iv'e seen new ones priced anywhere from about $25 to $125 and old ones for even more. Seems as if it would be a nice companion project to...
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    Who has dealt with HGR in Cleveland? Good, bad, or ugly?

    Mud hit the nail on the head ,,,,, "They aren't machinery dealers, they are surplus sellers." I'm only a hobby machinist and I have bought several items from them over the years. Several drill presses, a Cincinnati No. 2 horizontal mill, a 13x5 South Bend lathe, 12" shaper, and misc. tooling...
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    Old Oxy-Acetylene Set .... OT?

    Hopefully, this question isn't too OT, but I recently acquired an old oxy-acetylene torch set and tanks from an elderly cousin. The set is an old Craftsman set (new in mid-sixties) that has been sitting unused in his shop for maybe 10 years or more. It was seldom used prior to that. The set has...
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    The shop has started !

    Detail Questions Chris, Great job you are doing! I admire your efforts in keeping your man cave in the same style as the house. I've seen far too many places where an otherwise cute house was spoiled by the adjacent "shop or garage" that looks like a lumber yard kit .... low pitch, T111...
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    14x6 Hendey

    Member and Shop Photos Scroll back to the top of this page and click on “Forums”. Then scroll down past the “Open Discussion” section (where the Antique Machinery and History folder is located), on past the “Commerce” section to “Machinery Manual, Brochure and Photo Archives” section where you...
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    14x6 Hendey

    The New Shop The Hendey is looking great! But now, about the new shop ..... ! How about some details and more photos?! This thread is probably not the proper location for such info so you probably need to begin a new thread in the Member and Shop Photo section. Size? Foundation? Side...
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    Cool Tools

    Jager, Do you know what swing (original swing) the LeBlond has? Did you happen to notice what type of spindle mount ... ie., threaded or other style? If it is a 17" swing and someone buys it for parts, I might be interested in an item or two.
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    Cool Tools

    Yep! Lincoln bullet welder .... 3 phase AC motor driving a DC generator. I suspect they were developed in the '40s as these machines were very popular in the '50s - 60's. I seem to recall reading once that they were developed to be used with the new low hydrogen rod technology on the Liberty...
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    Tell me what you think of this idea...

    Swigin, Just gotta love people that rain on your parade! You obviously put a lot of thought, time and effort into your drive and ended up with a neat setup for practically no cost. Plus I'll bet you had a ton of fun doing it. And isn't that a big part of why we mess around with these old...
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    Sidney power feed

    This may be totally off the wall and not applicable to a Sidney .... but my LeBlond has an internal mechanism within the carriage that prevents the longitudinal drive from being engaged if the half-nuts are engaged and vice versa. If the Sidney is similar, maybe you have something stuck inside...
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    Here's Mine

    Nice build project and it looks like a beautiful area! I'm hoping to embark on a similar shop project in Virginia within the next year and have a few questions, if you don't mind. Are the dimensions 40x 60? What is the ceiling height? What criteria did you use to select this style of...