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  • Jraef , hi from jeff , i was wondering about running a 380vlt mig welder off a 33kva genset producing 415vlts is this possible or can the voltage output of the genset be altered the welder is rated 380vlts +/- 15%
    Dear jraef
    I made 3 group of solar each group with14 pcs it will be 16*33=468vdc and the 42×330=13680w 13.68 kw
    Hi Jraef,
    I have 3 Siemens vfd controlling three chilled water pump.The setup was working fine from last 8 years but now udenly it stopped. 2 vfd are blank i mean no diplay light as well and BMS is howing a trip alarm for both but im unabl to reset the alarm from BMS.I am unable to deteermine the cause if its from VFD part or from BMS..
    Please Help me asap
    Hi Jraef, Sorry to bother you, but I'm the guy that was asking about the variable speed control for farm livestock fans. I appreciate your replies and
    posts. My last question is the product from Grainger that you suggested is 110V. Will this work on the 220V motor arrangement???
    Thanks again for any help!!
    olf20 / Bob
    Hi Jraef,
    I bought the Allen-Bradley 1333 for $100. I also got a Baldor 1 Hp motor. The 1333 has 30 programmable
    options. What I can't change is the switching frequency. I got the 1333 so that I can replace the logic
    board with my new design based on a NXP LPC2925 (ARM 9).

    If you ever make it up to Sunnyvale it is worth visiting HSC Electronics. Outside the building they often
    have a dollar cart, every item is a dollar. Last Saturday I bought a Omega Temperature Controller
    DP41-TC for $13.84. Brand new in the box. New models of this type sell for $570. They have lots
    of test equipment and discrete parts. Been going there since my college days at UC Berkeley.
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