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  • Hi JST, I'm just curious if because I'm new here some of my posts are not being posted, any information is greatly appreciated.
    I started a thread on general about wiring up my lathe to 3 phase. I had to put 3 posts so I could clearly explain myself with pictures as only 5 are allowed in a single post. It seems someone moved one of the posts to a different place and left one of them in the general. Could you sort this out for me? I have also messaged milacron as he might be the one responsable... I dont know. its my first time here. Thanks
    I'd like to see a really basic sticky with links to resources about motor controls with a few definitions and some fundamentals from the NEC regarding wire sizes, box sizing, difference between a contactor and a magnetic motor starter, when to use low voltage control vs line level. I think a lot of us are wiring things up in our shops without the benefit of a licensed electrician and getting away with it but we wouldn't mind doing things to code if we knew where to look up the info. It's hard to do a search when you don't know the correct terminology and you can't spell real good either.

    Please contact the administrator and close out my account. I do not wish to participate anymore.

    Martin Burnett
    Time for a VFD sticky,
    RPC sticky seems like RPC's are only option to consider.
    Simple things like, 1 ph input to get full power 3 ph, a 1 hp VFD is all thats needed for 1 hp motor if VFD is rated for that power, at 1 ph or 3 ph input, proper shielding of control wiring, basic 3 wire circuit to get a simple remote control up and running, control wiring is all low voltage instead of HV (or control xformer) for RPC's, no switches/fusing/reactors on output power.. direct wires only, where a RPC would be better, calculating speed with VFD, enclosures, reusing original switches, Why not to run a 2 sp motor switch with VFD. A CNC requires an interface to VFD for spindle control. Derating 3 ph input drives for 1 ph input. Fwd/Rvs contactors not needed, Pgm for less whine, VFD provides motor protection/heaters not needed. Input fusing/disconnect/basic E stop. Types of cable needed for install, type of potentiometer.. Light weight and small size of VFD vs RPC.
    Hi JST,
    I just purchased a Hardinge tm um horizontal mill,I won't be recieving the mill untill sometime in April,the mill has no tooling, and I was wanting to know if you still have any cutters are other tooling ,I'm in st.louis city...Best regrads,Carl Campbell
    Thank you for your input on VFD's. After downloading the manual I realized that this unit is like a soft-start kit with a PLC. The problem started when a friend bought the VACON 10 from a distributor and was told to simply put input and output power to the lathe. I now realize that I have to take output directly to the motor and ramp up the motor. Now the motor protection will be through the Vacon10 and all other controlling on the lathe will be pretty much not be used any more. I think he now feels he has made a mistake even attempting this, especially since the China lathe manufacturer said not to.

    Thanks Again,
    Hi JST,
    Could you take a look at my thread in the section on phase converters entitled "Questions on my RPC" and let me know what you think about the the latest post as far as my balanced voltages for my RPC. I'm just trying to get asome confirmation as to whether these are satisfactory for running a 2hp bridgeport mill off my RPC. Thanks
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