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  • Hi Junkyard and thanks for this. How much can you dismantle one of these chucks without removing the top plate please. I think a worn cam may be my problem as well but I can't see how to get in other than via the top plate.
    Hi Junkyard, It's been a while since the posts on magnetic chucks but please can you tell me if the top plate or the bottom plate should be removed ? My Eclipse has screws from the bottm upwards and parallel dowells as well. How hard should it be to separate and is there anny ideal tooling to use Please ? Many Thanks . Jim
    Hi Junkyard,I know this is an old post and not even sure you still have the same email but here goes. I have a 10 " Carroll dividing head like yours and am looking either for a backplate that is threaded the oddball size of 2 5/16 -6 or looking for a chuck and backplate together. If you know of one I am interested in it.

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