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    Axelson way hardness

    Is there a way to determine via serial number or photograph whether an Axelson lathe has hardened ways?
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    WTB Axelson lathe

    Depends on the condition of the rest of the machine, and its location. Could you please send more information? PM should work, I've cleared out my inbox again.
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    WTB Axelson lathe

    I'm looking for something in the 16"-24" swing range, and 72" (up to about 120") between centers. I don't mind a project, but would rather find one that isn't worn out, and has its handles intact after years of dueling forklifts. Factory steady rests and other options/accessories preferred, as...
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    Axelson 20W

    What does the "W" indicate, and how does this model differ from those with no "W" suffix?
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    Dake No.3 Arbor Press Pin Material

    Only a theory. There is a short worn section on the teeth in the ram on my press. I have wondered whether it was used for one job in a production environment for many years, and after each stroke the operator just let the handle go so the counterweight fell and slammed against its stop. Perhaps...
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    Dake No.3 Arbor Press Pin Material

    I have essentially the same press, and made replacement pins a few years ago from whatever I had on the rack, most likely 1215 or Stressproof. Everything is still in great shape. My counterweight had been broken and patched as well, but it still didn't look like yours. Wow. That thing was...
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    OT Jet diameter for lawn mower carburater

    If it will start readily but dies when you try to get some work out of it, I suggest checking your fuel supply first. Make sure there are no restrictions between the tank and the carburetor bowl- needle & seat problem, plugged filter, bad shutoff valve, or a restricted pickup strainer inside...
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    New to leasing car/trucks for busniess use

    Leasing is the most expensive way to drive. The car company needs to take the hit for depreciation, account for wear and tear, cover their overhead, deal with missed payments- and still come out on top. They're not in business to lose money by letting you drive their car during its most...
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    Looking for a manual surface grinder for 22-1/2" long work

    Thanks to everyone for the good advice, this is very helpful.
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    Looking for a manual surface grinder for 22-1/2" long work

    Interestingly enough, the 2B I just looked at also had a small chuck on it, although the machine appears to be made for an 18" chuck and seems like it can be persuaded beyond that length a bit. Doesn't matter much, as it's still just shy of the maximum part length I need to grind. The job that...
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    Looking for a manual surface grinder for 22-1/2" long work

    I've been casually looking for a grinder that fits this description for a few years. Just checked out a Brown & Sharpe 2B, SN 18597, that looks like it might be coaxed up to 21 or 21-1/2", but it was going to be a stretch. I'd rather find something that was made for work this long. Width is...
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    Atlas/Dake 3A/5ton Arbor Press

    The gear on mine is 1.5" wide, but the shaft is 1.188. Here's a photo, just for the sake of it: Just out of curiosity, how much does Dake want for a new pawl?
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    Atlas/Dake 3A/5ton Arbor Press

    I have an Atlas No. 3, compound leverage, but am not sure if the pawls are the same. How wide are the teeth on your ratchet wheel, and what diameter is the shaft your pawl rides on?
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    Need advise on cutting 3-1/4 round bar aluminum on vertical band saw

    I also have a Roll-In saw, and do this regularly. Clamp it to the angle plate like Barry says, use a coarse blade, turn up the speed, and let 'er rip. Squirt a little Tap-Magic on the blade when it gets sticky.