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    Carriage Stops

    Have 3 for what I think is Cadillac and 3 I think are for a 15" or bigger Colchester square head lathe $ 150 each shipped + a few others One it I think a Lodge & Shipley email for pictures [email protected] 360 910 1617 days am pm 360 225 7111 you can look at some of my other things on C/L...
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    Lathe taper Cadillac Whacheon ?

    From the tan paint I would say Cadillac. The mounting is about 6". I sold one a few mouth back that was tan and my friend fit it on his Whacheon lathe and the guy that bought it loved the way it fit his lathe and how simple it was to use. you don't have to hook it up to the cross feed screw. I...
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    3" D Kurt vise

    it's a 3" vise as you see in the last picture it's cast D30 not D40 so it's a 3" vise Ken
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    3" D Kurt vise

    I have a nice 3" Kurt vice for sale $300 + the shipping. check some of my other thing on C/L https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/tls/d/columbia-city-kurt-milling-vise/7504258281.html Ken 360 225 1617 days
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    Reed Prentice follow rest ??

    Both the phone # and email are good haven't seen or heard anything. I have PM you awhile back ? ken days 360 910 1617 [email protected]
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    Can anyone help with DRO issues

    I had a Mitutoyo DRO on a tree mill I got as a kit head was a part. I got it all together and was checking things out. put a 3" travel DI on the table the first 2" or so right on next few inch's it got bad 3-.005 out reset the DRO and the same thing. I was tolled this common with the Mitutoyo...
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    WTB: Dividing head w/ plates near seattle wa

    how big have a friend with 10" Cincinnati in portland ken
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    Surface finish for bore of brake master cylinder?

    I would not use that type of hone to do that type of job. what I would use is Sunnen hone ken
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    send your phone # and best time to call & I will call you Ken days 360 910 1617 or am pm 360...

    send your phone # and best time to call & I will call you Ken days 360 910 1617 or am pm 360 225 7111
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    WTB: 10" or 12" 4 jaw independent chuck, D1-6

    I have a few 4jaws in that range I will look to see what I have I am in woodland wa Ken