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    Charmilles robofil 310 error

    Looks like you have the Console 2 so, straight from the classroom handouts booklet: 1. Turn machine off and wait 5 seconds. 2. Turn machine back on. 3. When the message "Starting MS DOS" appears, press the DIAG key and HOLD (the DIAG key). 4. When the "F" key selections appear release the DIAG...
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    Charmilles robofil 310 error

    You had a surge in your incoming power. You need to reinitialize your control.
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    Cutting stacks of parts on EDM

    Firstly, you're cutting a gear. Why are the plates not flat and parallel? Why? Secondly, yes, stack them. You can mitigate bow and gap by putting the bottom half of the stack crown up and the top half crown down. Clamping the stack will flatten it and eliminate gapping. Do not reverse the...
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    Problem stamping inconel

    Gentlemen, sorry about the slow response time. It's eom and the rush is on, plus a lot of other things came up. Still not permission or opportunity to get any good photos of the die(s). We have made some progress on a slightly larger spring from this same annealed Inconel 718. That spring is...
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    Problem stamping inconel

    Thank you all for your suggestions and observations so far, I am looking forward to any more. Yes, this is a spring energizer. Yes, all the tool steels used are powdered metal. Yes, they are being cut on our wire-edms. I had a much longer and more detailed reply ready to post and got kicked...
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    Problem stamping inconel

    Slots are .008" wide. Reducing the shear from 4 degrees to 2 degrees results in broken punches after only a few hits. Eliminating the shear results in broken punches and die blocks with first hit.
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    Problem stamping inconel

    We are having a real problem stamping spring from annealed Inconel 718. We have a die that makes this same spring from .006" thick 302FH and Elgiloy with no problem. It will punch and form hundreds of feet, 12 slots at a time. New customer wants this spring, and several others, from annealed...
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    Is it possible to achieve 0.02(mm) tolerance when cut thin tube with wire EDM ?

    If this is just a visual esthetic thing, why can't you us a mandrel ent tube and program your welder to "weld" the tube wherever you want? This should give you the visual effect you want with the superior flow of the mandrel bent tube. Ditching the tube section approach would also allow you to...
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    Is it possible to achieve 0.02(mm) tolerance when cut thin tube with wire EDM ?

    OK, just my opinion here but, cutting these from tube (especially cutting them in a wire-edm) only to weld them into an exhaust tube is a ridiculous waste of time and money ... and a wire-edm that could be doing something more useful. Cut them from flat sheet, roll them and weld them yourself...
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    Aggie Cut20P

    Are you certain you are creating the correct .tec for your wire type and cutting conditions? Wire type, tensile, and coating make a big difference. Taper cutting vs straight cutting makes a big difference. Cutting from a start hole vs cutting in from the side makes a big difference. Details...
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    Wire Edm not picking up centre

    If you are trying to wedm a bore and maintain concentricity/cylindricity to the od of the part and relying on a pre-drilled start hole for your location you need to ... 1. Make sure your start hole IS on center ... at both ends of the part. 2. Make sure the id finish lends itself to being...
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    wtf is wrong with people ?

    I see a problem ... "I would like to find an individual or company in China that can make Brass embossing and Copper Foil dies like the examples shown in this post. Company or individual should be able to: ... ... ... 4) Fabricate dies with the highest of quality and accuracy." :rolleyes5...
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    Re-building a forming Die (pics)

    Nice work there but, did you hit it? Where's a shot of the formed part that it makes? We've got four dies that a customer sent us sitting on a shelf now. The parts they make are nowhere near print. Turns out the guy that made them never actually hit a part in them ... because he doesn't have...
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    WEDM malfuntion

    If the wire is touching the contact/brush, there will be no spark. You can only get sparks where ther is a spark gap. Either the spark is not occurring between the contact/brush and the wire but somewhere very close, like the connection point between the power wire and the contact/brush, or...
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    AgieCharmilles CUT 20 P Breaking Wire

    Had a CUT-400 do that for no apparent reason. Turned out to be bad caps in the cutting power supply.