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    Precimaster large knee mill??

    Anyone know anything about precimaster machines i picked up a 40 taper knee for cheap 1500$ the only issue is the x feed doesn't work the ways are pristine condition! cant seem to find any info anywhere just wanted to find some literature thanks
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    Hardinge hlv-h cnc ballscrew size?

    I think from a speed point of view im ok Im mainly concerned about force..
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    Hardinge hlv-h cnc ballscrew size?

    Hey guys im retrofitting my hlv-h and i picked up a nice 12mm c3 ballscrew for x axis so that's shouldn't be a problem my concern is z axis i cant seem to decide on what diameter should be sufficient i found a nice 15mm diameter 5mm pitch screw whats everyones thoughts? Thanks
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    Hardinge TFB-H parts or lathe for sale

    Im in Ontario Canada
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    Hardinge TFB-H parts or lathe for sale

    Yeah I honestly don't even know what it's worth I don't want to ask too much and be insulted if I was to guess probably looking for around 1200 bucks
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    Hardinge TFB-H parts or lathe for sale

    I have a complete machine that is in pieces that I was going to rebuild but I gave up the machine was in decent shape overall but obviously needed attention I'm not really sure what it's worth looking for offers... email [email protected] 5192172992
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    buck/boost transformer rotary phase convertor

    hey I know this question has been asked before but I just wanna make sure this is ok I bought a small leadwell mcv-op vmc I have single phase so I picked up a north American RPC 20 hp my incoming voltage is 240 the mill calls for 220 I bought a buck booster to drop from 240...