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    Listen to the Joe Rogan podcast #1873 with Brigham Buhler, very enlightening on why drugs costs are so insane.
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    Steel for cooking

    Lol... its fine till you heat it, lets put it on something exclusively used to be heated up.
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    Steel for cooking

    Considering most people cook in Teflon and happily ingest ptfe's I wouldn't worry one bit about any grade of steel.
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    Steel for cooking

    Use 12L4 and live dangerously.
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    Which lathe to buy? New Doosan vs used Haas??

    Why not a 20 year old Mazak? ;)
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    anyone have experience concrete floor grinding?

    I just did my home garage 26x32', concrete was in excellent shape but very tightly power trowelled so I just needed to break the top layer to help the epoxy bond. Took 6 hours of straight grinding.
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    Tried and True Machine

    Raced a sprint enduro at Millville yesterday. Went down hard in a rock garden and banged myself up pretty good. Moving slow today.
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    So is it slowin down? (business/mfrg)

    If you didn't see this coming your head is so buried in the sand or up your ass...
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    Tried and True Machine

    Ya man for sure, I'm not an insurance agent. That comment was more of a this is something everyone should think about and have plans for.
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    Tried and True Machine

    Get short term disability insurance, its not even expensive. I will quit riding when I die.
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    new format - a thumbs-down

    HATE this new layout.
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    Cherry mantel crack repair

    Looks even rusticer now.
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    Minimum charge.

    You the cops bro?
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    Create Tool (in Wuhan) non-responsive

    "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William J. Casey, CIA Director (1981)