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    Setting tool offsets TL-1 (noob question)

    The Haas videos they took a facing cut on a piece of material and took all the measurements off that surface so I was just following that process. Also what do you mean by table? Are you talking about a mill cos I'm talking about a Tl-1. I think ill get those magnetic touch off tool setters to...
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    Setting tool offsets TL-1 (noob question)

    So I had initially setup my tool offsets for 10 different tools at once time to do a job, but now I have to add a few other tools and no longer have the "master reference" I used. Do I have to set the Z face for all the tools all over again to add these new tools? I assume there's a way I can...
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    New Haas TL-1 Motor rubbing, bearing noise, Video included.

    After being told the loud noise from my new TL-1 is normal I pulled the belt off to check for myself and now I see the motor itself has something rubbing in it and when at high RPM that noise is killing my ears on top of the belt whine. I also reduced the tension very slightly on the belt and...
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    Any TM-0P in the wild?

    Still haven't seen one. My guess is the mini mill would be a more rigid machine but I have seen TM-1 made parts and the finish seemed fine too me. Obviously not going to compete with a VF at higher feeds. The big thing I like with the TM-0 vs the mini is the coolant tank isn't built into the...
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    Tooling up new Tl-1

    I have barely used the machine yet, but clearance seems fine for most things I want to do but I can see it being a problem with longer tools. The Quadra is definitely not a perfect solution for everything but my main reason for getting it was the ability to get better repeatability when...
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    Loud spindle Tl-1 holy cow

    When I heard people say Haas lathes are loud, I had no idea how loud they meant. My new Tl-1 Is incredibly loud and whiny above 1000 RPM and I'm trying to figure out if its the motor itself making the whine or the belt? It seems like the belt to me. Has anyone managed to do anything to make it...
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    Tooling up new Tl-1

    I'm looking to tool up my new Tl-1 with a Dorian Quadra tool post. What brand indexable tool holders do you guys recommend that can easily be purchased hassle free without having the get a quote for everything. I was temped to just buy some Haas tooling because its easy to see what they got and...
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    Any TM-0P in the wild?

    I'm guessing very few people even have these yet. All their lower cost machines are low priority with long leadtime. I bought a tl-1 four months ago and have 2 months left for delivery. Sometimes I forget I even bought it.
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    Breaking taps in aluminum on a fresh Haas VF2SS

    Same situation here. Eliminating 4x retract RPM solved a lot of tap breakage issues for me.
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    What does this symbol mean on a print? Surface finish?

    Thanks that's what I thought too. I will confirm with the customer, I just wanted to check first in case it was something else I didn't know about first to avoid making myself look like and idiot.
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    What does this symbol mean on a print? Surface finish?

    I this a surface symbol in the attached pic a 8 RA (micro inch finish) or something else entirely? I'm just confused because of the upside down 8 and looks different than what I normally see? The print default units are in inches with a 63 RA finish I always see. Thanks in advance.
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    Haas TM0P footprint...

    Haas has layout drawings on their site in the "technical documents" tab that should tell you exactly what you want.
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    Haas shrink fit machine

    Never used one but I saw cheaper options from teknic and maritool. I ended up skipping heatshrink all together and went with the new Maritool hydraulic holders. For $200 and $50 sleeves you can get a lot of holders for the cost of a shrink machine without dealing with the hassle involved either...
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    HaasConnect is it worth the bother setting it up?

    I use it and wasn't difficult to setup. Sometimes I go in the house for a long cycle and watch TV or something and it's nice to get a notification. It can be annoying on short cycles to get a notification ever couple Mins and I have to turn it off. If I was serious I'd get a camera setup to...
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    Why Does HAAS Have a Bad Rep? (To some people)

    Apples to apples a vf3 ss with tscc, chip conveyor, hsm machining, probing vs dnm 5700 the list price of the Doosan was 9 percent higher but they cut that down further and it's couple thousand more but if you add a 2 year warranty with the haas which is standard for Doosan the Doosan was a...