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  • Thanks! I have manhy years experience with CAD systems, mechanical and PWB, and a few years with 3D modeling. I just completed a generic write-g-code-from-scratch class which I thought was very good. I have a bit of CNC time at the CC and the university.

    I want to learn about micro-machining as well as metrology (but I can't include it in my grad school POS) and would be interested if you know of any good handbooks on the subject. I am interested in work-holding methods for machining and inspecting micro-parts. Fixture design was one of my favorite classes in my mfg eng program. Designing and making tiny fixtures sounds like an interesting challenge.

    I agree with you that CCs feel like an extension of HS trade schools, but I wish one of them had a decent range of metrology equipment and courses in the subject in the Phx, AZ area! The CCs out here charge $71/hr, the university charges $718/hr. Having to use grad school for vocational training really sucks!

    Thanks again!

    If you need any help in the CAD/CAM/CNC area, feel free to contact me. I have taught at a local community college (I feel it is more of a post secondary vocational technical school).

    My e-mail is [email protected]
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