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  • Wow, blast from the past! That was, like, years ago. I was reading some book on how the early surveyors made sector wheels. Wish I could recall what book that was.

    Sorry for taking time to reply, I have been swamped.

    Short message length restriction would prevent my from posting a complete how-to but feel free to ask me any questions you have.

    Take a big plate of AL, mount a precision bearing in the center for your sector gear blank. Mount worm hob on centers at pitch radius from center. Your worm hob needs to be able to adjust radius at the same time maintaining tangent so as to cut correct tooth profile. Measure everything twice. Spin 360 revolutions and measure pitch error from marks on wheel blank then adjust hob/center distance and repeat. Don't forget to account for depth of tooth. The idea is to adjust pitch radius to match the hob instead of trying to make a perfect hob.
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