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  • Hi,
    Not sure if you're still making and selling pee dee thread wires or not but I came across your name when looking for them. I was borrowing my supervisors wires at work and lost one of his .032 wires. Was wondering if you are able to buy single wires or even a set of just the 3 wires if you do still sell them?
    Is there any chance you would start selling the super jumps edge finders again? I really like them.

    I would like to buy two of your clicking edge finders.

    I would like one of the 3/8 double sided (with a point) and a 1/2 single end model with .200 tip. Both should be clickers.

    Shipping information is:
    Michael Plesh*
    10227 La Tuna Canyon Road
    Sun Valley, Ca.* 91352 * * *
    Ph: (818) 768-4444*

    I am not sure how you want to be paid. If you wish you can send me a Pay Pal request, or I can send you a check.... If you are close, I may be able to come by and pick them up.... your call, just let me know.


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