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    Hi,this is Jackson, a senior mechanical manufacturing engineer ,we are located in

    the world manufacture center Dongguan/Shenzhen,China,
    we offer Lathe and Milling grinding/sheet metal fab/parts stamping service,good

    price quality assurance and short lead time, any new works,
    Just pls send info to my email:[email protected],thanks
    Hello Machinery_E,

    I read an old thread of yours back in 08 about a encoder problem you had with your Magna Turn. My lathe is doing the same thing yours was, stopping on G33. Did a new encoder solve the problem? I found a used 105 encoder and put it on, but it didn't work. There is a chance that the used encoder is bad too. I have a feeling something is wrong with the one of the boards.

    For your information the machine is a magnaturn 12-18 that I just bought and never seen the G33 work.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

    I am looking for a grinder/lathe dog. Craig Donges suggested I contact you as you may have what I am looking for. One that is 2" would be about perfect.
    Andy Pullen
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