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    Do you use G90 and G94 on a lathe with G-code System A?

    Honestly, I never used those cycles because like you said, even for a simple profile I just use G71/G72. Something I didn’t find in books was how to calculate tool radius compensation for a profile feature and manually applying it; most of what I learned in that regard was either by researching...
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    CNC manufacturing of gears and splined shaft

    From my experience in Brazil, as long as the gear is designed using standard parameters such as module, pressure angle, tooth form, quality class and so on... they are relatively cheap. Obviously, this only applies if the gear is not very large nor very small. I had a case in my previous job...
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    For this particular project the standard math library would be enough, but for more complex projects numpy becomes essential, and because of that I just use numpy as a default for all my python projects. Absolutely, this is a very rudimentary script and sanity checks would be one of many...
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    Thanks for the explanation, Bill. I’ll definitely check this out. Do you have any recommendation on literature for Fanuc macro user? Cheers.
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    Absolutely, this is just for educational purposes. I’ve read a little about user macros but never delved deep into it because I’m not sure if my machine has the macro capabilities. There’s any way for me to find out at the machine if it accepts user macro? The controller is Fanuc 21i-T. I’ve...
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    I indeed use G76 as it offers much more flexibility, but recently I’ve been using python more and more to automate stuff and thought this would be a fun project. Cheers
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    I wrote this rudimentary code in python to automate the creation of a threading program using G32 with an infeed angle. I used the constant volume formula provided by the Kennametal catalogue to calculate the DOC of each pass. The shift in Z for each pass is calculated by multiplying the DOC of...
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    Takisawa TC2 cnc lathe

    Once again, thanks for the explanation! Cheers
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    Takisawa TC2 cnc lathe

    Thanks for the answer. Actually, I didn’t consider TNR at all in that profile, what I did was extend the start of the first radius 0.5mm(radially) and then used the coordinates as shown in the drawing. Thanks for the explanation. Cheers
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    Takisawa TC2 cnc lathe

    Seeing that you prefer to include tool radius comp. in the profile, what would be the drawback of programming in the following way? ( ROUGHING ) G0 G54 X25 Z-24.625 G71 U2 R1 G71 P120 Q180 U1 W0 F0.3 N120 G1 X21 W0 G2 X12.5 Z-32.806 R10 G1 Z-92.806 G2 X20 Z-100.612 R10 N180 G1 X21 (...
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    Best reaming practices question!

    I have a genuine question, how does reaming with HSS is faster than boring with a carbide insert? I don’t know the details of your setup, part geometry or the limitations of your machine. But for this operation, what you could do is drill with 15mm and then do a finishing pass to...
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    Takisawa TC2 cnc lathe

    You typed the letter “O” instead of the number “0” on the Z finishing allowance. Cheers
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    Need help with long thin part in Swiss lathe

    316 is an austenitic SS and can’t be hardened by heat treatment but will harden when cold worked, also, 44 HRC is close to the maximum hardness this stainless steel can achieve through cold working. I don’t have experience machining cold worked 316 SS, but would assume machinability is worse...
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    Override rapid on HAAS Lathe

    I’ve never operated a Haas lathe, but all CNC lathes I’ve seen have a knob or something else in the panel to override the feed. If you want to move the turret with the spindle stopped and don’t want to do in rapid mode, you have to put the machine in per minute feed mode, just remember to...
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    Threading noob

    What thread pitch and diameter? Also would be great if you share the threading section of the program. Cheers.