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  • The SFS motors are intended for the MR-J2S series and have an encoder with a very high count, somewhere around 131000 counts per turn like you saw. I dont know if they will work. You could call Mitsubishi Automation and ask. They could tell you for sure. They have pretty good tech support. I would be curious to know the answer myself as I have a HC-SFS352 with no driver. But who knows if I will use it as I also have complete drive sets of MR-H series drives with 1kw, 2kw, and 5kw motors.

    The connectors are available from digi-key. Also called mini-centronics. 3M makes them.

    There is special software needed to talk to the drives with a MR-H. There is also a pendant that you can program and control them with. I was lucky to pick up a pendant off ebay. The software is called MR Drive Configurator. You might be able to find a copy on a russian PLC forum out there. I might have a copy too, I will have to look.

    [email protected]
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